Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh dear..........

The offer on the house I mentioned in my last post has fallen through. This means that we continue to be on alert for phonecalls and visits from real estate agents and enduring open homes on Sundays.
Supposedly the buliding report revealed a slightly dodgy roof that they were not willing to spend money on, fair enough. I did wonder myself. I thought the builders report would be one aspect that would put us off purchasing the property as well.
We are not even bothering buying property on one income. Our home ownership time will come again one day. At least we still have our foot in the market with our rental down south.

So.............once again we sit in limbo.
With no real point in looking for property to shift into because we simply don't know when we might need to leave. At least if it doesn't sell by Christmas we will probably leave anyway so as not to endure this "on the market" business any longer.

Not a lot has happened around here of late....a bit of linen washing as spring has sprung. Although getting the timing right between the showers can be tricky.

We have been saving outings for our visitors who arrive next Thursday. But I have been thinking about Christmas and exploring the shiops for interesting gifts.
Last weekend.......having to evacuate for the open home we headed to Sylvia Park Mall. The BIGGEST mall I have ever seen.
As far as malls go I thought it was quite attractive, on the inside. It feels like you are walking for miles as it stretches over a vast area, and we had to wear our sunnies for most of the distance. Although not completely open air it feels so open, bright and colourful with glass windows above you that allow the sun to flood the mall.
On arrival, Molly noticed the Bungy Trampolining, which she instantly wanted to try. It took her a bit to get used to the sensation but she stuck at it. I think Caitlin was quite proud of her sister because Caitlin herself is not keen on heights. Phoebe just thought it was downright hilarious and laughed at most bounces.

Other than mall combing things at home simply push on. We keep ourselves busy by.............

exploring cupboards..........

hiding remotes from dad...............

and dressing up :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Investors, Gymnasts and Composers

What day I have had...........

It began with clearing the toys to achieve the "on the market" look required around here. Then off to gymnastics, followed by real estate agents and builders visiting till early evening.
This house has been officially on the market for two days and it is under offer already. I KNOW!
Unbelievable huh?
But, no I'm not packing boxes just yet as the couple who have placed the offer and have had a builders report done today are investors and would be keen to keep us on as tenants if all goes well on paper.
PHEW....massive PHEW.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet, but things could be looking up, rather than OUT. Someone is looking out for us that's for sure. I'm wondering if we have some kind of guardian angel or something. This could mean that I may not have to participate in any open homes at all. I have everything crossed that it doesn't fall through.
I'll keep you posted on that front as it unravels.

Molly now goes to kindy everyday except Tuesdays. Tuesday is gym day. She is absolutely loving gymnastics and is developing excellent balance and confidence. Although pictured here on the low balancing wall, she can now walk along the high beam with arms outstretched. It's gotta be good for her wee brain.
After gym, back in the car Molly announced that she would like to be a 'zoo vet' and a mum when she grows up. In particular she wants to look after Giraffes. What a cool, career that could be!

Phoebe has decided that what Molly can do...........she can do also!
Gymnastics is really fun for Phoebe as well now. She recognises the teachers and obviously feels completely comfortable with the environment and equipment.

Because she is standing and walking she can reach equipment at a whole new level now!

I think she must be starting to teeth again because we seem to be getting the "tongue out" photos again lol.

These little trampolines give her the giggles and the big round one at home has her in fits when Molly gets on and bounces with her.
I must get some Arnica though as now she is walking her forehead has a smattering of bruises over it from bumping into various bits of furniture.

As "High Five" would quote 'she's got music in her bones.." Phoebe has a knack for finding anything that she can shake, rattle or strum in our house.
This afternoon Phoebe discovered the 'on' button to the keyboard set up in Caitlin's room. It was a rather abstract composition, but Nana Anne would have been proud :-)

I'll leave you with just a little snippet of Phoebe suddenly taking off on me at gymnastics!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mayo-Choc cake as promised

Well here it is. for those of you who thought it sounded odd but were intrigued anyway the recipe follows.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
1/4 cup cocoa
1 cup hot water
1 tblspn vanilla essence
2 cups flour (gluten free works also)
2 tspn baking soda
1 cup castor sugar
3/4 cup of Classic Mayonnaise (lite option works also)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

Mix cocoa, hot water and vanilla in jug. Combine mayonnaise.

Sift dry remaining dry ingredients. Make well in centre. Pour in wet mixture. Combine gently.

Pour into lined, greased round 20 cm cake tin. Bake for 35-40 minutes until cooked when tested with skewer. Cool in tin for 10mins before turning out.
If being very good eat as is........or ice with your fav chocolate icing!!!!

This recipe is an Allyson Gofton version from the Food in a Minute book that Mark bought me a few years back. So far the cake has never failed!!!!!! Even when I make a gluten free version. Yum!

Well I certainly won't be indulging in cake for the next two weeks as our 14 day detox begins today. Instead, Mark and I are indulging in Aloe vera juice, bowel biotic powder and Chlorella tablets which are a digestion and blood cleanser, detoxifier and internal deodoriser. The later always gives me the giggles.

I have spent the previous fortnight weaning myself off caffeine.....well almost. I still have one REAL coffee each morning. But the rest of day I now consume green teas and water.

The great thing about this detox plan is that you still remain on food..just remove junk eg fried foods and sugary treats. Avoiding too much processed stuff is a help also. Thinking about it, we rarely eat this stuff anyway. If it's not in the cupboard you wont eat it I guess!!!!

S0 we may experience some headaches, spots and tiredness as the toxins start coming out through our skin and you know where, but by continuing to eat a satisfying and healthy diet our blood sugars should remain balanced and we will feel ok. That's the plan anyway :-)

We have visitors coming in three weeks time so we should be full of energy with fragrant insides lol.

Why do this?
This little piece of statistical data should convince you:
By middle age people often have between 1 and 7 kgs of undigested faecal matter stuck in their colon and that is after a bowel motion....
Gentle detoxification removes waste material, heavy metals and environmental toxins that may be stored in fat deposits in the body.

So................I wonder what's swimming around in my digestive system, blood stream and fat stores?

Off for my yummy detox lunch. Mark has just whipped up fresh mussel fritters and salad. (and yes I know it's fathers day but he loves cooking :-)

I bet you wish you were detoxing at our house right now Yummm-o!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The unthinkable is happening.......

Well, a few of you will have heard our latest 'traveling' news. Our landlord as decided to sell the property we are currently living in. Bummer :-(
He rang last night so Mark and I haven't had a lot of time to digest the news and even decide what our action plan will be.
But, it looks like we may be moving in the near future, depending on how the market is progressing at the moment. I have noticed a few houses selling around our area so things must be looking up a little.
After the initial shock and sleeping on it, I am now gradually resigning myself to undoing all the 'homemaking' of the past couple of months and uplifting the family again.
I simply cannot believe this is happening!!!

It's already started around here with the real-estate agent coming this afternoon to take photos. This means the house will need to be 'market' tidy every day and open homes every Sunday. Good grief!!!

In reflection, if we move again....I will have lived in FIVE different houses in 2009.
How many sane people do this???????
Supposedly the Treacys do. I'm wondering if we have nomadic ancestry or even gypsy?? Maybe gypsy, with my music skills.

If the worst comes to a head, we do have a very large camping tent we can pitch. As long as it hasn't rotted in the humidity. (Note to self: set up tent and check for mould).

Our options at this point:
* Buy this house.....mmmmm need a mortgage broker and a really thorough building report to know about that one.
* Buy another place......on one income in this part of NZ we might be mortgaged to the eyeballs.
* Go back to work. Two incomes will allow for a second mortgage. I would miss Phoebe a lot with this option and very busy juggling job and three kids :-(
* Hope that the person who buys the place wants to be a landlord and we can stay here for a while longer.
* Look for another rental near the kid's school. A realistic option, but tricky when we are tied to this property until 19th December if it hasn't sold by then.
* Pitch that tent!! LOL
Well......I'm not sure which option will be 'the one' but whatever happens it looks like I will have some traveling to blog about after all. And I thought life at home would be predictable........oh how I was wrong.
For some reason the universe is sending us on a tikki tour this year. I wonder where our path will lead and where we will end up for our kids high school years??!!

I'll finish with a awwwww moment for you. Lucy our lovely fluffy moggy is very good friends with Molly and they often spend time together in bed each night.
This morning when I went in to help Molly choose clothes for kindy I found Lucy snuggly tucked up in bed. Molly had got up for breakfast and pulled the blankies up under pussy's chin. She stayed there for at least an hour or so!!
Nice for some huh? But gorgeous :-)


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