Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gymnastic Fantastic!

One of our aims at the moment is to become more involved in the community. Our bay has an amazing leisure centre which hosts a range of gym classes and facilities for all ages, a heated pool and creche.
Molly and I discovered a class on Tuesdays called "Gymanies"; a gymnastics class for under fives!!!
Molly, Phoebe and myself toddled along to check it out!

The instructors were warm and welcoming. even Phoebe was invited to play with some of the smaller pieces of equipment.

Molly took to the equipment and activities quickly, her prior gym experience from Rangiora coming back to her quick smart!

Phoebe was intrigued by her older sister's antics and really wanted to participate in so much more.

I have a feeling my third daughter is going to grow
up VERY quickly!!!

Anyway, it was a really fun session and I think we will return each Tuesday. Molly has been told she could get a certificate or badge if she keeps working at the activities.

This was enough to get her very excited indeed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Molly starts kindy!!!

Molly started kindy Monday morning extremely excited. She is doing two full days, Monday and Wednesday with a morning on Friday as well.
She was up early and into her clothes faster than I had seen her in weeks.
We walked to kindy...two minutes down the road. It is on the same site as Caitlin' school so Molly is feeling very "big", as she says!!

The above photos show her happy, enthusiastic and full of energy about her day to come.

I had to take a photo at the end of the day when all she could manage was a drink and about an hour on the couch. Kindy really takes it out of you!!!


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