Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Not everyone living in the North of new Zealand is feeling blessed by rain. Many are bombarded and drenched in it about now. We have had a lot over the last 24 hours here in Whangaparaoa.

But being cooped up for hours, at home, is no good!

So when we noticed a break in the weather, jackets donned, we walked and swung like monkeys.

Our "down the end of the road" locals.

Not "in the mood" obviously. Sorry Phoebe.

Normally hours are spent on these over summer. We sometimes forget they are still standing out in the rain over winter. Despite being wet.........they are still fun!

Ending the afternoon with popcorn and a movie :-)

Thanks for your company over the previous two weeks girls!
Jaz xx

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and ANZAC

What a great weekend. The weather has been unsettled, but a great excuse to eat chocolate and watch movies.

We did the normal family things, and the not so normal for us.

Date night for Mr Treacy and I. An early booking so as to avoid crowds, noise and to ensure I didn't fall asleep in my dessert. Thanks to inspration from a Masterchef episode, we chose to dine on Tapas. The restaurant; Bolero, in Albany was quite scrummy and just the fact that we were out in the evening together (despite the early hour), without kids to watch, was fab :-)'s night time and I'm still awake, (and Mark isn't holding me up either).
Thanks for a nice evening my lovely man!

Long weekends mean swings to be swung...

and enjoying a moment of sun.......

And despite the amount of chocolate consumed over the weekend, there is always time and space for ice-blocks.

ANZAC DAY: Phoebe has a new routine since daylight savings began. The 5.30am starts are a bit painful, but this morning it seemed appropriate. The sun rose outside our kitchen while the last post and pipes were playing on the live television coverage. I will attend a dawn service one day, but today I was glad to be snuggled up in my dressing gown as it was pouring down in the North this morning!! I guess those young lads sitting in trenches on a rainy morning many years earlier were no doubt thinking of their own warm kitchens back home.
Every anzac day we use Grandma's Edmonds cookbook to make the ANZAC biscuits. Two batches this year. Mark's perfectly executed and mine; tasty but without the rolled oats (oops). Silly error, but the taste delicious and both batches are CHEWY!! Love them. Check out last year's post on the ANZC topic here

And this..........which is in here cause it makes me giggle like crazy, is Phoebe's view of the world. Funny, happy girl!!

I hope your weekend break was memorable.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday: We rock the holidays

I thought the holidays might be a challenge. I can't really leave the house with the children until the weekend when Mark is home, so we have had to make our own 'house fun'. Even then I need to migrate to the couch more often than not, the girls have coped just fine.

Oh the fun that's been made......

We've been rocking the house!

Thank goodness for music.

I love how sing star brings out the closet groovers....

the enjoyment.....

the moving love songs.

The concentration and attention to detail!!

Good times!!

Embarrassing mums!

A smidge of baking thrown in.

An older photo, but doesn't this just warm your heart. Children completing chores :-)

Oh and Meg (from MnM's)..........thank you. We love your messages of support and love xxx

Peace, love and loads of light for all of you and your families this Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrr Winter has arrived in Whangaparaoa!

It is decidedly cold in the winterless North today. I didn't grab a jersey as I left the house, but I actually wish I had.


I left the house today.

To attend a hospital appointment to discuss my future. A bright and long future. The discussion was held with a particularly caring and empathetic registrar. I felt cared about and listened to. I really appreciate medical staff who treat us as people, not numbers.

I left the hospital feeling.................hopeful. Very hopeful. It's such a good feeling to have right now, this week, month, year!!

Ok, I'm really not into narcissism, I'm not that happy about having my photo taken BUT.........I have decided my hairdresser is an ANGEL. Who?............can recreate a fringe and hair style......when half of the front has been shaved off. My hairdresser!! A new parting, some cool layers, chuck a straightener through it and nobody would ever know. I am very pleased, and almost feel like me again. THE NEW ME!!!!

But back to the weather. It is COLD here today. I think I may have acclimatised since moving away from the South Island. This year I'm feeling it.
It is great to get out the layers again. I have missed wearing my boots and scarves. Bring it on!!!

See, the sea view was quickly disappearing under rain clouds.

See, the outside balls are sitting idle and some even weathering.........

See, the sand pit, come toybox is catching rainwater.

And the swing is sad and lonely :-(

Even the mint is looking less green and the Pukeko isn't prancing ;-)

Sadly the strawberries are wintering down.

Happily, the blankies and remote are handy.

.........and the girls are enjoying a range of easter crafts.

Welcome to the North, Winter!!

Jaz xx

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Sand fun with mum

Buried feet

Visits from our Christchurch Uncle

An image repeated from previous beach visits, but now she looks soooo much older.

Nothing like the baby she used to be.

Thankful for the BEACH!
Jaz xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I realise I have posted about this stuff before. But I truly believe it has made a significant difference in my recovery and brain fatigue. I read that it actually crosses the brain/blood barrier (unlike other substances) so it actually makes a real difference. A HUGE difference!!
If you haven't tried it, do.
I use it to kick start the day and then another 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in juice just before the kids get home (a demanding part of my day). You can actually buy it in tablet form, so even more convenient for working or busy people. Even your healthy brains would benefit!! (Ok, sales pitch over.....and I'm not even getting commission for this!! ;-)

Thankful for the growing independence of my children, I think :-)

Thankful for homemade purple play-dough. Therapeutic and entertaining.

Thankful that I have enough energy to watch this little girl two days a week now. Thankful that, with encouragement, she will still have an afternoon nap for me, and that Mark returns home early to lighten the load (Thank you Irwin Tools!!) I also sleep especially well by the end of these days. I just need my eyesight to return so it doesn't look like two little girls running around, LOL.

Thankful for silly faces.



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