Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Not everyone living in the North of new Zealand is feeling blessed by rain. Many are bombarded and drenched in it about now. We have had a lot over the last 24 hours here in Whangaparaoa.

But being cooped up for hours, at home, is no good!

So when we noticed a break in the weather, jackets donned, we walked and swung like monkeys.

Our "down the end of the road" locals.

Not "in the mood" obviously. Sorry Phoebe.

Normally hours are spent on these over summer. We sometimes forget they are still standing out in the rain over winter. Despite being wet.........they are still fun!

Ending the afternoon with popcorn and a movie :-)

Thanks for your company over the previous two weeks girls!
Jaz xx


  1. Gorgeous pictures of the girls :) Love Phoebe's jeans...

    We had a frosty start and a glorious sun filled Canty day down here - our hedge and trees trimmed by professionals all morning and then afternoon tea and cakes, lingering for two hours outside with my parents at a coffee shop - sun dropping down now and another cold night by the feel of it. Still, much better than endless rain and flooding! Take care xxxx

  2. You are certainly correct about not everyone feeling blessed by the rain! Napier's had flooding although at this moment I can't contact the family (even the teenagers are not replying to texts!!) to make sure all's well at home. So sitting here in Glasgow as the sun comes up on a glorious morning I was heartened to see the pics of your happy girls. Go well.

  3. Yes all this rain couldn't have been timed 'better' for the school hols. But amazing how much better the spirits all are after some fresh air though I bet! Mmmmmm popcorn...

  4. Hello from Cairns Australia,

    We spent some great time in NZ and you are so right about the weather.
    We do lots of walking too and enjoy finding activities for our kids too.

    Please feel free to drop by our blog when you have achance too.


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