Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We love carrot cake.

It seems that I now measure life, quality life, by small, but realistic achievements.

The first post operative cake, another small but achieved task.

It was moist and delicious. Cooked for just the correct length of time and with a hint of double vision thrown in the mix. (In fact, I may be better at making cakes now. Maybe a little more careful and "uped" my game!!)
OR maybe the 'baking' section of my brain has been officially activated. Oh I hope so!! :-)

I have noticed that the high calorie hospital diet and lots of resting has caught up a little. My curvy figure would sure please Renaissance artists, but my jeans are getting trickier to squeeze on LOL.
But, I know, I probably needed some meat on these bones, even before the operation. Pre operative stress was making the kgs just fall off. I am learning to be happy with all the changes.
I have a booking with my hairdresser this weekend. Some serious grooming and pampering is going to occur. Restyling of the partially shaved hairdo (growing back quickly I might add), and taming of eyebrows are on the menu. Sounds a little trivial, but I can't wait.
AND........ after living in hospital gowns and then a suitcase of the same items, week after week. I'm going to order some new clothes! Oh thank goodness.

I even threw out my conditioner a few days back. The smell reminded me of all the struggling, exhausting showers I took while in hospital. It really is time to keep moving forward, into the next chapter. It isn't easy every day. Some days are harder than others. But it's good to know you are still all out there (even when you are busy with your own lives and I don't post for a few days because I can't find anything to write about).

Oh and it's jolly good to have cake :-)

The pic doesn't really do it justice. But we sure did enjoy it!!

Hope your week is ticking along just fine.
Jaz xx


  1. Fabulous, cake and pampering! Sounds perfect to me. And new clothes to upgrade your hospital "collection" sounds like a great idea :D

  2. Hey lovely gal. What is it with us and mouth watering food this week huh?! Carrot cake is my favourite cake ever - although if I'm honest I think I actually love the icing as much as the cake itself :-)

    I hope you enjoy your little bit of pampering..very well deserved, so glad you are treating yourself. A few new items in the wardrobe always helps you feel like a whole new person too hey..well that's always been my excuse to shop anyway xx

  3. Cake! When said out of context to your journey it means very little. Ah but to us in the know, cake is a metaphor for greatness. To recovery to life itself.
    make sure that cake is washed down with the finest coffee:) Well done Jaz, you definitely rock!!!!

  4. Mmmm cake!! You really are doing awesome!
    Enjoy your pampering, and clothes buying xx

  5. Good going Jaz. Your carrot cake made my digestive juices start flowing. I'm just off out for coffee with a friend. Guess what I'll be having with the coffee!

    As for your statement that some pampering 'sounds a little trivial' nothing could be further from the truth. It's those small things that can be so important. And in any case, Jaz, in the words of the advert do it "because you're worth it"!!


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