Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Sand fun with mum

Buried feet

Visits from our Christchurch Uncle

An image repeated from previous beach visits, but now she looks soooo much older.

Nothing like the baby she used to be.

Thankful for the BEACH!
Jaz xx


  1. Beautiful photos. Love the beach at this time of the year. Your wee girl is gorgeous x

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful people in beautiful places = a lot for which to be thankful. Once again you have made me realise something I live with all the time (beaches!) and which I really rather take for granted despite their beauty.

  3. Beautiful pics of you and oh I love the pigtails too! Wonderful that the weather is still warm enough to hang out on the beach xx

  4. Beautiful views, and beautiful smiles!


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