Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday Hugs,Thank yous and smiles.

I had a particularly thankful day today.

I love Thursdays.
I teach music all day on a Thursday.

I watched kids perform music better than they thought they would/could. Despite technical difficulties and very little practice time. They did it. 
They all smiled.
Never underestimate the greatness within any child.

I am thankful for the hugs I gave and received today.
I never underestimate the power of a hug.

I am especially thankful for the courage Anne Spensley brought me up with............and to have found within myself. I looked at my music exam certificates today and smiled.
Never underestimate yourself.

Do you hear that Jaz?...............................never underestimate yourself.

You have nearly made it through another year.
Another year alive.
If I had a glass I'd probably drink to that!
Jaz xx

ps. I think I've found a pic of that tumour of mine.............. :-)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Molly's voice!!!

 Here I am with my little sister helping her.
 Me and my little sister are praying to the sun in our jarmmas.

 I was sick and I wanted to read in the sun. It was a good book too.

Here is my little sister when I was sick. 

 This is my Mum.


 Silly Phoebe silly Mum!!!!

Phoebe's quote: "I love my dog Rosie and I like taking photos of her. I love her so much :-) "

Caitlin and me like taking photos of us two.

Thanks for letting us write on the blog Mum.

Molly and Phoebe


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday thoughts

The week that was has been full of awe, wonder and a whole lot of hard yacka!!

The grey skies of the stormy Tuesday night gave way to a beautiful rainbow the next morning.
Some beauty on hand despite the felled trees, fences, flying trampolines,  and lack of power and water for many.

I bought a hydrangea. Yummy colour.

Fresh soil spread over one of the nicely pruned rose gardens.

To newly constructed raised vege plots filled with new soil. Great effort Mark.

More bare ground, new plantings. The garden here was so low maintenance we have some areas that have very little. I wanted to show you all now so I can skite next year when I've had my way with it and it's full of colour!!

New hebes ready to get their toes stuck in and GROW!!! (hey, and look, a tidily made bed in the master bedroom). Miracles are everywhere ;-)

What a sad looking this space.....

My Nanna's bulbs are sprouting again this year. They travelled with me up to Auckland for three years and have been with me for at least 10-13 years. So wonderful to have her with me all this time.

I oiled the outside furniture. Which then made the deck look horrendous! Amazing how faded they become over time.


Yes. We did. What a difference!!

Clean and shiny.

We support the Cancer Society in the family. All of us.
This week Canteen bandanas have been on sale.
A wonderful cause to support. 

And the baby in her new school uniform. Five years in less than a month.

I love getting stuff ready. 
Thanks Spring!

Jaz x

ps (Watch this space. Molly and Phoebe have some photos to share in the weekend.)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankfulness through the blah......

The Treacy family have been feeling a bit blah. All of us.
Previously soooo proud of my little family surviving the year so far with hardly a snivel, the new season of new things has brought with it new bugs.
And we got them.
Not even the large doses of spirulina has repelled them!!!! Bottoms!!!!!

Starting with sore throats and a feeling of being in a rut. Strep throat, antibiotics, and yucky head colds......................that moved to our chests. Nothing quite bad enough to knock us down, but enough to rock us all a bit.
Now we have sore tummies to add to the mix. It's simply best not to visit us at the moment.

Today I have Molly and Phoebe at home. We are all nursing our wounds. I feel especially sorry for Mark whose immune system has also been challenged through all of this and he is still making an appearance at work. I am very grateful for such a  hard working person in my life.

I don't cope so well with feeling under the weather. As you well know I usually jump to conclusions that it must be neurologically connected. Well your brain is your computer isn't it! Get a virus and all hell can break loose.

My brain is to blame for so much nowadays. Poor thing.

I have made a pact with myself about Thursdays and that they need to be thankful. So despite the seasonal yuck I must respect myself by being exactly that. Thankful.

I'm very thankful for the lovely comments last post. I actually thought I had lost many of my readers. Not blogging and then throwing up some unusual posts. Thankyou for the occasional comments. I enjoy your feedback. (I understand the not commenting thing as I often read blogs and then forget) (oops).

I am thankful to my dog this week. Stuck at home inside with the kids is a nightmare if
not for her sometimes. She is so loving and wonderful company. Even when we are here alone she will follow me around the garden/house and drop wherever I do. Such a lovely companion. (Just now she followed me to see Phoebe, watched Phoebe's attempt to be sick, watched the cuddles and then followed me back to my typing spot). I never really feel alone around here.

I'm thankful to my snuggly, well constructed and insulated house. Canterbury has just had a Spring storm to boot most others. Many trees, fences and signs fell and our little town of Rangiora was a real mess. My children slept through the lot. The whole night of gales, rain, thunder, lightening and debri flying about the property. They slept.
I didn't, half expecting a child or two to jump into my bed during the night, as it was quite frightening.
Canterbury is in clean up mode (again!!).

I am also thankful to optimism beyond the here and now. Setting goals and being less afraid. This is not just for me. We all probably fear things at times and how our future will pan out before us. When I was diagnosed with the "brain tumour" I became frightened of the future or setting any goals.  A year ago I was scared to get my hair cut as I thought I'd probably lose it anyway with Chemo treatment. To scared to buy new clothes as I didn't want Mark left with a whole lot to sort out after I'd gone. So much fear.

Now I'm very thankful that I am not so afraid of the future. Despite the nature of the future still being unpredictable. I live better in the present now, live happier. (Still get a bit crabby about wasted time feeling tired with bugs). My friend and I chatted about this recently.

The guilt about doing nothing, even if our bodies are asking for some 'nothing' time.  We have talked about this before when we were both stay at home mums with our babies. She suggested that I view it as allowing healing along the way, preserving the body for a few more years of healthy living. Allowing some rest so that my brain may be in better condition in later years. Stop being afraid of running out of time.
Damn it that is it. I am afraid of running out of time.

Today, I'm thankful for positive feedback, my hardworking, loving husband, loyal dog, safe house and growing openness to  conquering fear (an ongoing topic of my log and life).

Thankful Thursday everyone.
I hope you can also feel thankful for the things in your life
Jaz x

Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring is trying to unpack itself!!

Molly's Friday night netball is getting lighter and warmer.

Look Nana we got that puzzle finished!!

Spring madness? Or winter cabin fever setting in??

A mutual love of noodles?

An incredible (if somewhat gross) bond between animal and child!

Bathing beauties (idiots)

The ONLY colour in my new garden. I will remedy this before next spring!!!

Molly in her school syndicate play. (Blue headband)

The pets that don't socialise together.
"No you can't really see me up on the couch beside THAT cat" mumbles Rosie.

Is SHE still there?

Spring tolerance??

My spring beauties. The gardens were amazing.

I wonder if  this is when my wallet fell out of my pocket?
(A lovely women with her grandchildren picked it up took it with her back to Kaiapoi. Wallet and I were reunited in a few hours. So reassuring to know there are still caring, trustworthy people about.)

The light and shadows played havoc with every photo I took under the trees. But these girls still looked lovely.

I am so pleased Spring is here. A new house means a new garden and new opportunities. It also means some new bugs which the girls and myself have succumb to recently. The warm spring sun after each frost certainly helps lift our spirits though.
I will also finally see all my roses out the front of the house in bloom in Summer. New gardens bring new fun. I can't wait.

Jaz x

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Update from Caitlin!!!! ;)

Hey its Caitlin!!!!!
Well........ we had an adventure and a half today. We went to the Botanical Gardens and it was BEAUTIFUL. There were so many Daffodils. I took some pretty cool photos too but while Mum was taking a photo of us girls she lost her wallet hahahah. Silly Mum!! We took a long time looking for it and while I was looking for it I took some more photos. 
Well after a while we couldn't find it and just stopped looking and went home and then like an hour ago we had a phone call from this old lady saying that she found our wallet today in the daffodils.

The view from the bridge on our way to the daffodils.

One of the photos i toke. This is my favourite!!!

More Daffodils.

And one more....

Love Caitlin xx


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