Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday thoughts

The week that was has been full of awe, wonder and a whole lot of hard yacka!!

The grey skies of the stormy Tuesday night gave way to a beautiful rainbow the next morning.
Some beauty on hand despite the felled trees, fences, flying trampolines,  and lack of power and water for many.

I bought a hydrangea. Yummy colour.

Fresh soil spread over one of the nicely pruned rose gardens.

To newly constructed raised vege plots filled with new soil. Great effort Mark.

More bare ground, new plantings. The garden here was so low maintenance we have some areas that have very little. I wanted to show you all now so I can skite next year when I've had my way with it and it's full of colour!!

New hebes ready to get their toes stuck in and GROW!!! (hey, and look, a tidily made bed in the master bedroom). Miracles are everywhere ;-)

What a sad looking this space.....

My Nanna's bulbs are sprouting again this year. They travelled with me up to Auckland for three years and have been with me for at least 10-13 years. So wonderful to have her with me all this time.

I oiled the outside furniture. Which then made the deck look horrendous! Amazing how faded they become over time.


Yes. We did. What a difference!!

Clean and shiny.

We support the Cancer Society in the family. All of us.
This week Canteen bandanas have been on sale.
A wonderful cause to support. 

And the baby in her new school uniform. Five years in less than a month.

I love getting stuff ready. 
Thanks Spring!

Jaz x

ps (Watch this space. Molly and Phoebe have some photos to share in the weekend.)


  1. Darling Phoebe.... its been a privilege to watch her grow up. Another family milestone - mixed feelings for you Jaz.
    The garden looks so different already from when you moved in - it was certainly "easy care" but I agree it was very dull. Some of the big plants must have been hell to dig out too.
    The deck looked great in the rain so I know it will look lovely reoiled :)
    and more raised planters - brilliant xx
    Glad you are feeling so much better.

  2. There is something very very satisfying about gardening and getting the garden and deck area ready for the new spring and summer and those pictures tell me that you are going to get lots of satisfaction. I can't believe that the first time I came to stay in New Zealand for a full 6 months The Family's youngest, Catriona, was the same age as Phoebe is now. When I left she was almost the young lady. When I get back on 5 November I shall doubtless be met by quite the young lady. Oh how time flies by.

  3. love the raised gardens. They look hot!


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