Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday Hugs,Thank yous and smiles.

I had a particularly thankful day today.

I love Thursdays.
I teach music all day on a Thursday.

I watched kids perform music better than they thought they would/could. Despite technical difficulties and very little practice time. They did it. 
They all smiled.
Never underestimate the greatness within any child.

I am thankful for the hugs I gave and received today.
I never underestimate the power of a hug.

I am especially thankful for the courage Anne Spensley brought me up with............and to have found within myself. I looked at my music exam certificates today and smiled.
Never underestimate yourself.

Do you hear that Jaz?...............................never underestimate yourself.

You have nearly made it through another year.
Another year alive.
If I had a glass I'd probably drink to that!
Jaz xx

ps. I think I've found a pic of that tumour of mine.............. :-)


  1. The band performance was great. We too love your Thursday music.

  2. Jaz I have been trying to think all evening of a Thankful Thursday post which I hadn't done before or which meant something and I've been in a complete mind-blank place. Not that I haven't got a million things for which to be thankful but finding words to put on the page hasn't been one of them tonight. I have read your post and realised just how much I miss in life by over-thinking. What could be simpler than the words you have written? What could be more thankful? What could be more apposite? Thank you Jaz for pointing this out to me.


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