Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holiday Happinessssss!!!

It is the school holidays here and we are really having fun. Have a look.

 Bubble fun!

 Paint fun!!

 Sleeping in the sun fun!

 Warmer evenings
(I love seeing my three together. Three different ages and heights.

 Making shops with Cousin Clare

 One lone bulb in our garden that opens and closes each morning and eve. What a cool thing!

 Learning about time in the Botanical Gardens.

 and roses.........

 Snow mobiles at the museum.

 Thanks for taking this photo Clare!!

 This is a beautiful shot Molly!!

 Jump on Clare! Imagine this down the main street in Culverdon!

Spiders, bugs and many other delights found by Phoebe and Mark.

Just the first week and great fun. Spring school holidays are my favourite. 
We can venture in AND out, exploring our towns for free fun.

As I get older I worry more about forgetting to play and enjoy the trivial. 
I have completed two puzzles already.
Way to go Jaz


  1. Gotta love the holidays when the weather is good! Awesome week and lovely pix of it all :) Sorry couldn't make the gardens with you - looks like you had a great day.

  2. Wow you've been getting out and about heaps these holidays - looks like such happy times xx

  3. You made me a tiny bit nostalgic for times past and times lost with that post Jaz. When you are as old as I am you will play and enjoy the trivial as a matter of course and worry about forgetting the more serious things. It's a funny old life.

    1. GB I can't wait to be your age!!!!! All fingers crossed x


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