Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An afternoon on the beach........

My recent posts described how we had started Christmas this week. Due to moving away from our Canterbury family and friends we have had to adjust to the silly season without them. For the little while anyway, as while I'm typing this, our last sleep is nearing before we fly down to Christchurch for the REAL Christmas day.
On sunday after watching the kids tear open presents from us and then devour a leg of lamb, we headed straight for the beach.
It was a gorgeous day here, scattered cloud, slight breeze. We walked the entire length of Stanmore Bay Beach (to counteract the calorie intake a few hours beforehand) and then planted ourselves in the sand to play.
The new beach toys were tested out.....

Mark and Molly love looking for crabs.

Phoebe loved the warm water in the rock pools............

Testing out her balance on the rocks and her dad's nerves......

The New Zealand Christmas trees still in bloom.

Phoebe loves the warm sand as well as the water.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas comes early!!

Christmas came early for our little family here in Stanmore Bay. After our late night viewingof  the lights of Franklin Road in Auckland the girls were still able to bounce out of bed the following morning for their presents from Mum and Dad (that we really didn't want to take down to Canterbury with us). It was the typical, fabulous mayhem that presents under a Christmas tree bring. Made even more exciting because Phoebe is old enough now to feel the excitement for herself.

Here's Phoebe opening a new dolly, staring at her face...very cute.

Lucy found Phoebe's new chair during the night and claimed it before anyone else had a chance to protest.
New Christmas books and stories.........
Phoebe in her new chair, with new Christmas book. She has learnt a particularly silly new trick. Ask her to smile for the camera and she squints her eyes up..........hilarious!!!

Of course after playing with your toys all morning and finally getting dressed we sat down to roast lamb. It was odd with only us at the table, but we made do with each others company.

and the final aaaawwwwww moment..............
Yep, she's back in that chair again.

A fun day, which we finished off down on the beach. Which is another set of cool photos. I'll post them tomorrow for you!!!

We saw Franklin Road!!

On Saturday night we had a lovely BBQ with some new friends and their children. It was a typically mild, balmy evening in Auckland city. The mozzies were out buzzing around and the children content with each other's company. We had a lovely dinner. It really feels like Christmas when you start attending get-togethers before people head away for their own private shin-digs and family holidays.
As the sun slowly set over the city we hit the center, children in tow, to see the now famous Christmas lights of Franklin Road.
Mark and I had seen several news items while still living in Canterbury about this road. It was cool to actually have a peep ourselves. It has been a Christmas attraction for 14 years now.

Some houses were 'bathed' in waterfalls of lights.
Others had a more stylish or corporate feel about them, stunning ideas!!!

Several houses were a treat for the kids especially.

.....the wonder seen on Phoebe's face as Mark holds her (in pram) up to see over the gathering public.

Even the smaller touches being effective and beautiful!

I loved these curtains of lights.

Our kids and their new friends really enjoyed the spectacle. It was a great way to kick off a BIG week for us. In two sleeps we will hit the airport running. We are all excited to catch up with our Canterbury family and friends. I hope they have the wine in the chiller, pavs in their ovens and limes ripening for the margaritas. 
Christmas in Canterbury.............................here we come!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Molly turns FIVE

Well, we did it.
Molly's fairytale afternoon tea party went off without a hitch and Molly looked very pleased and happy by the end of the day.

We played the traditional game of pass the parcel, threaded beads to make bracelets and necklaces. As all princesses enjoy doing.

Molly loved her dolly cake. With the pink lemonade flowing and zoo animal chicken nuggets vanishing quickly, all seemed happy.

Caitlin invited a school friend around to help which was great. She is proving to be an excellent big sister.
We had a moment of quiet when all heads were down making fairytale jewelry....
......of course, where there's a party, there's fooooooood!

Phoebe toddled about enjoying the atmosphere and particularly the company of Aunty Lani and her partner Caleb. She finished off the day with a play in the dress ups. My little Ozzy Ozborne!

Thank you to all those lovely people who sent parcels, cards, skypes, texts and wishes to make her feel special on her day. I know you all would have loved to have been with her.

All I can say now........with my feet up on the end of the couch, looking at the beautiful christmas lights is..................phew :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oompa Loompa!

I really shouldn' t be doing this...........Phoebe will kill me when she's old enough to read these blogs.
After an evening of tomato based pasta our cutest addition looked just like an Ooompa Loompa from Willy Wonka's factory. 

What do you think...........

"oompa, oompa, oompa dee doo" ..........

So while I was on here I thought it wouldn't hurt at all to add just a couple more photos for my family's entertainment at least!!! Phoebe at 14 months still sleeps in a cot but has a recent fascination with Molly's BIG bed. Anyone with children will know that if you haven't seen or heard them for even a short time, you begin to worry. But when you find them doing something as cute as reading and playing, snuggled in their sisters bed........all is forgiven.

Around the same time Daddy T rushed in from outside exclaiming that there was something seriously wrong with Tyson. He insisted that I look outside immediately. I missed the 'dead cat pose' on film but you should get an idea of how much our pussy cats are enjoying the new summer sun, here on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast.

Oh and the kids trimmed the tree. Artificial tree this year, but they did a stunning job despite.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big catch up for Family and Friends

It's been sooo long since I blogged, not sure if anyone really missed it, but I"m sure you will enjoy these photos which will update you on all our ongoings in the past month and a bit.Firstly Nana and Poppa came to stay, plenty of cuddles for all especially Phoebe :-)

Caitlin gets some Discus coaching. Watch out local windows and cars!!

Phoebe found a love for dancing.

Molly started swimming lessons, which means new goggles. Goggles that must of course be worn during many other domestic activities!

Aunty Hayley and Uncle Ben came to stay bringing Clare and Tom. We all enjoyed catching up with them!!
While our visitors stayed we checked out "Butterfly Creek".
Not only did we find butterflies but trains and animals to feed!!

Phoebe becomes a contortionist.....

......and supported "MO" vember........

Then I got flowers sent to me for my birthday......thank you :-)

Our tribute to "Boobs on Bikes". See, we are getting into the Auckland scene :-0

This made me laugh soooo much. Molly was doing her rock star thing and I was suddenly reminded of Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)
"Weeeelcome to the Jungle"

My lovely buddy Karla came to stay.............coffees, chats and fab Margaritas.

Finally, for now............Mark and I spent a day without children at the races for Mark's end of year Xmas work do!!!
It really is amazing how much we get up to........maybe I'll keep blogging after all!!!!


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