Sunday, December 20, 2009

We saw Franklin Road!!

On Saturday night we had a lovely BBQ with some new friends and their children. It was a typically mild, balmy evening in Auckland city. The mozzies were out buzzing around and the children content with each other's company. We had a lovely dinner. It really feels like Christmas when you start attending get-togethers before people head away for their own private shin-digs and family holidays.
As the sun slowly set over the city we hit the center, children in tow, to see the now famous Christmas lights of Franklin Road.
Mark and I had seen several news items while still living in Canterbury about this road. It was cool to actually have a peep ourselves. It has been a Christmas attraction for 14 years now.

Some houses were 'bathed' in waterfalls of lights.
Others had a more stylish or corporate feel about them, stunning ideas!!!

Several houses were a treat for the kids especially.

.....the wonder seen on Phoebe's face as Mark holds her (in pram) up to see over the gathering public.

Even the smaller touches being effective and beautiful!

I loved these curtains of lights.

Our kids and their new friends really enjoyed the spectacle. It was a great way to kick off a BIG week for us. In two sleeps we will hit the airport running. We are all excited to catch up with our Canterbury family and friends. I hope they have the wine in the chiller, pavs in their ovens and limes ripening for the margaritas. 
Christmas in we come!!!!!!!!!

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