Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big catch up for Family and Friends

It's been sooo long since I blogged, not sure if anyone really missed it, but I"m sure you will enjoy these photos which will update you on all our ongoings in the past month and a bit.Firstly Nana and Poppa came to stay, plenty of cuddles for all especially Phoebe :-)

Caitlin gets some Discus coaching. Watch out local windows and cars!!

Phoebe found a love for dancing.

Molly started swimming lessons, which means new goggles. Goggles that must of course be worn during many other domestic activities!

Aunty Hayley and Uncle Ben came to stay bringing Clare and Tom. We all enjoyed catching up with them!!
While our visitors stayed we checked out "Butterfly Creek".
Not only did we find butterflies but trains and animals to feed!!

Phoebe becomes a contortionist.....

......and supported "MO" vember........

Then I got flowers sent to me for my birthday......thank you :-)

Our tribute to "Boobs on Bikes". See, we are getting into the Auckland scene :-0

This made me laugh soooo much. Molly was doing her rock star thing and I was suddenly reminded of Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)
"Weeeelcome to the Jungle"

My lovely buddy Karla came to stay.............coffees, chats and fab Margaritas.

Finally, for now............Mark and I spent a day without children at the races for Mark's end of year Xmas work do!!!
It really is amazing how much we get up to........maybe I'll keep blogging after all!!!!


  1. piccies - how wonderful. They all look great - love the tutu and the goggles... and the flying hair - great action shot.
    The flowers look colourful... which was the aim when we chose them from way down here.. at least thinking of you from a distance :)
    as Mark says - 19 sleeps to go...and you will see everyone again... can't wait :)

  2. Here because of Fi and so glad of the visit.

  3. Best blog yet... and not just cos I feature in it! LOL Love ya! Karla xxx


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