Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An afternoon on the beach........

My recent posts described how we had started Christmas this week. Due to moving away from our Canterbury family and friends we have had to adjust to the silly season without them. For the little while anyway, as while I'm typing this, our last sleep is nearing before we fly down to Christchurch for the REAL Christmas day.
On sunday after watching the kids tear open presents from us and then devour a leg of lamb, we headed straight for the beach.
It was a gorgeous day here, scattered cloud, slight breeze. We walked the entire length of Stanmore Bay Beach (to counteract the calorie intake a few hours beforehand) and then planted ourselves in the sand to play.
The new beach toys were tested out.....

Mark and Molly love looking for crabs.

Phoebe loved the warm water in the rock pools............

Testing out her balance on the rocks and her dad's nerves......

The New Zealand Christmas trees still in bloom.

Phoebe loves the warm sand as well as the water.


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