Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Resolutions

The Treacy family had a lovely break in Canterbury. Here are some photos to keep you all up to speed with our happenings.
Some quality parent and child time.

We took relaxed walks with the family and their dogs.

We played with our new toys and our cousins.

Beautiful angels..........but I'm not fooled :-)
One of our gorgeous Christmas feasts!

Thank you so much to all our family and hosts while we visited Canterbury. It was wonderful to see you all and appreciate the effort it takes to accommodate all FIVE of us, our luggage and the inevitable noise and mess.

New Year Resolutions......
So I have been thinking about the new year....of which six days have passed already.
I have made a long list of tasks that need to be completed over the next month. The list continued to grow into a year long list. I have been brave and included my "wishes" on this must do list. Thinking that if I include them here, they may actually be achieved.

It was a movie I watched a few nights ago that has inspired me. Julie and Julia; you know, the one about the young woman that sets herself the challenge to cook all of Julia Child's 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' recipes in 365 days. She then blogs her progress which in turn encourages her to continue her demanding challenge.
Well, I have no book that inspires me so. But I really felt 'up for a challenge' this year.
Daddy T likes the idea of me blogging about our daily life (obviously his is more inspiring than mine if he thinks it is worth blogging about, maybe I'll suggest he blogs about life behind a
desk !)
Personally, 2009 was a HUGE challenge for me. I'm either growing up really quickly or have simply learnt that life can be unfairly short. So I plan to live each day of 2010 creating my legacy.

So, I have set myself a challenge. I have 359 days left and I have decided I will learn, do something new or achieve something I am proud of EACH DAY! I will announce my daily achievements as a personal record (a tool to keep myself on track). This will hopefully keep all those mundane tasks in perspective, not allow the piles of washing get in the way of real living. Jeepers, I'm a bit scared actually. It means I have to think about each day and not muddle my way absentmindedly.
An easier challenge would actually be to record the things daily that I am not proud of (a job half done, a scowl at a child etc), we kiwis are so much better at finding our weaknesses. But I'm a teacher and despite the fact that I am currently out of the classroom, I will always be a teacher, so learning is important to me.

I'd be grateful if you ever find yourself doing something you are proud of, then drop me a line :)

Today's achievement..............realising I am brave enough to set myself a public challenge!! LOL
Now I just have to do it!

ps: Just finished Tony Parsons book "Starting Over". About a 40yr old guy, married, with two teenage kids. Has heart attack and receives a donor heart. He continues to live life, grasping every moment, with positive and negative consequences. It's a good, easy read about life and how to survive the mundane. I enjoyed it.

Happy New Year to you all xx

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