Friday, January 8, 2010

Another day, another lovely drive.........

Today we drove half an hour North from our peninsular to a beach called Snells Beach. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous place to sit amongst the Pohutukawas and take in the fresh air.
We took a big picnic basket and togs and found a good pozzy to lay the picnic blanket. Despite the whining in the backseat about how 'starving' they were, the girls (all three of them) instantly ran to the water, clothes flying off in all directions across the sand. Snells Beach is flat with a very gradual slope of sand and shells. This means you get what seems like miles of shallow water to lie in. WARM water. Even Phoebe, squealing with delight, couldn't wait, she was in the water before the nappy was removed. Swimming costume never donned.

We ate lamb and vege wraps, Christmas cake and fizzy, watching the misty rain approaching the coast. We knew it was forecasted, but thought we would try our luck anyway. It didn't take long to hit, so unfortunately the picnic basket went back in the car. We still managed to get some bike riding and playground action in before leaving though.

On our return home we stopped at Warkworth for a stroll. Used toilets in Wenderholm, found a fantastic picnic spot for next time with a fishing jetty and made it home tired but very happy.

This is the kind of day which at the end I am often tempted to order fish and chips. Not this time. I remembered my personal challenge and whipped up bowls of steaming Carbonara, the chicken, bacon and mushroom variety, of which ALL bowls were licked clean.

Day 8 achievement completed!!


  1. I think these achievement goals that you have set yourself are great! I read your post the other day and have found myself remembering to do the same thing during my day, focusing on the positives and feeling so much more satisfied instead of deflated by hanging on to things that haven't worked out. Thanks for the inspiration :)
    That beach looks great. A group of my Auckland blog friends met up in Warkworth a few weeks ago you should check some of them out from my side bar, you may see some of them around your neck of the woods sometime.
    The Auckland girls are Gail from de-lightfully diva ish
    Simone from great fun 4 kids
    Amy from havenspce
    Sammy from cherished.

  2. Thanks Widge, I'll check those girls out!!

    I love goal setting, nice to feel a sense of achievement. Especially as we get it when we are kids at school and then we hit adulthood and we often need to reward ourselves instead.
    Take care


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