Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another lovely weekend.

Spotted a rainbow from our lounge window.

Well I haven't written for about three days, but that doesn't mean that nothing has happened. Far from it, we have been keeping ourselves very busy.
The girls have now learned the art of pizza making, including the dough. I have been meaning to encourage their participation in cooking (other than biscuits and muffins) for.........ever. I finally got around to it. They were very proud of their efforts and it was the first dinner in ages where everything on their plates was devoured. Maybe I should get them to cook their own every evening!!!

I finished another book. It was written by Jools Oliver. Jamie's wife, chef, know the one!!! "Minus nine to one- the diary of an honest mum". It was her account on pregnancy with her two girls, Poppy and Daisy. I enjoyed it even though I am totally and completely OVER the pregnancy part of having children! Her writing style is honest and light hearted. For anyone who is pregnant or thinking about it, a great read. made me think about my own..........maybe that could be my next writing venture.

On Friday I had a really lovely day. In fact, so lovely it really wasn't long enough. I had recently got in touch with another schoolmate from Mahurangi College, Warkworth, from approx 20 years ago. I drove the girls up to her house snuggled in the Northland countryside to meet her family and have a good catch up. As a bonus, another old friend and his wife met us there and we had a great old reunion. My kids played happily with their kids and we ended up spending a very good chunk of the day there. As I said above, one day was really not enough, reluctantly, with still so much to be said and old stories to be enjoyed I finally left to get my kiddies fed and off to bed.
This shift to the North Island has made me realise how important some people in my life are to me, in fact most people. The environment is so beautiful and I love it, but when I get a day like I had on Friday with a group of great people I am surprised how much I need other people around me. I always thought I was a bit of a loner because I love my own company, but in my current situation my need for conversation and banter is becoming more apparent.
Thanks to both couples. I enjoyed your company and hope to see you all again soon, there are still a few memories to enjoy and bottles of wine to empty :-)

The last week of the school holidays begins tomorrow. Thus far I am proud of my achievements for 2010. I went to the movies last night to see "It's Complicated" starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. Totally a 'laugh out loud' movie. A chick flick for sure, so of course I loved it. YES! I went without children, bliss. Just me and one of Mark's female work colleagues. I went to the local circle lounge cinema which meant I could have curly fries and a glass of wine, served to us during the first half of the movie....more bliss! You might smirk at my excitement over a night out. To put it into perspective for you. I have not been to a cinema, without a child for .............ummm................about 17 months. I saw "Sex in the City" with my bestest friend in Christchurch just before Phoebe was born. ( Well, ok, I was carrying an unborn child, but it still felt like an adult night out!! lol).

Mark and I have chilled for the rest of the weekend, sneaking out for the open home on our rental property (sigh) but the walks on the beach and chapters of books read were fantastic.

I'll leave you with some shots of the girls making their pizzas!

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  1. Well done to you and teh girls :) bet they were yummy.
    I lvoed that movie too... - Glad you got some time out, with both the friends and the movie :)

    Scott been ill today - so had a movie fest - feeling very lazy.


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