Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thirty something............

I have decided the joy of being thirty something is that you are finally starting to grow out of the 'egocentric' twenties and trying to find other things in your life of interest. It's only taken four years to accept the thirties, but better late than never!
So I have spent the 31 days of 2010 deciding what my thirties will bring me:

Writing is a certainty, loving it beyond expectations.
Music remains a love and now that my children are growing up at the speed of sound I want that in their lives as well.
Teaching, because I'm good at it and I love it.
Fitness. This was never a goal during my twenties. Honestly, I used to 'feel the burn' just unscrewing a really stubborn jam jar lid. Suddenly, with gorgeous responsibilities running about my feet I want to be healthy and fit.
Growing food. We don't grow a lot of food in our current living arrangements and I miss it. As we will be moving on from here at some point during the year edible gardens are a must for the rest of my thirties.
Flowers. I'm a girl, I love flowers. I don't wear or decorate with floral patterns but I love to grow them. At my last property I grew roses, irises and lavender. My favourite combination.
Garlic Aioli. Well, maybe not the entire six remaining years, but I have fallen in love with it this summer. Mmmwha!
But, I have decided that in addition to my family and 'thirties' hobbies, I want to add WINE.
Yes I consume it on a regular basis, but I'm talking about actually having a little knowledge about what I'm buying and drinking. Even being able to match it to food would be fab.
A conversation over Christmas with a family member made me think a little harder about wine. Our discussion, while drinking wine of course, highlighted 'wine memory'. She described her complete lack of memory for white wine, but in contrast could name easily which red she would prefer. I was amazed I feel exactly the same. Red is easy, white baffles me.
I have a really big sweet tooth, so Pinot Gris and Rieslings are a big yes, but only if I'm craving sweets. Oh but then there are rose, sparklings etc etc. I don't yet know the names of them all.
So it seems I"m going to spend the next six year plastered. Well, at the end of the week anyway. I restrain myself from Monday to Thursday. Please don't worry about my children. They will only be exposed to sensible social drinking as French families have done for years.

Maybe you should consider the decade you are representing. What will be your legacy, and what will you do for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being? The wonderful thing is, surely it will have a positive spin off effect on our families.

There's still time!!!!

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