Monday, February 1, 2010

A good book!

I have just finished another novel, well, actually I think it is classed as an autobiography but is such compelling reading it feels like a fantastic work of fiction.
Titled "Three Seasons" by Jane Hansen. It is the first book in a long while that has reduced me to a blithering idiot sitting up in bed, weeping like a baby. What a roller coaster ride, but one I just couldn't or refused to get off. (The last book that did that to me was Harry Potter, when Professor Dumbledor died. I was a mess, complete mess).
It is the heart breaking and warming account of Jane's journey as a journalist, through her career into war torn countries and eneviatably delaying motherhood. When she finally decides to have children it is no easy ride for herself or husband. During the account she finally becomes a mother to three gorgeous boys. Two sadly dying due to premature arrivals and one finally making it to full term and safe delivery.
I found her account to be honest and quite raw. I appreciated her viewpoint on surviving life. It sharply reminded me of my very own blessed life, three children surviving the birth process and growing up to be healthy children.
I don't want to give everything away, just in case you want to read the book yourself. Some might be put off reading it because they don't feel like a weepy story. But I was also intrigued with her detailed description of her career as an ambitious journalist. Especially the incredibly dangerous environments she put herself in.

We have spent the day mooching and reading books today. Auckland anniversary day. The countdown in for Molly. First day of school tomorrow, we will see you then!

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