Saturday, February 6, 2010

School's back: reflections!

The first week of school has closed and we have all survived. Molly is loving it and so far her energy levels are great! She brings her reading books home and reads them enthusiastically to every one......individually. How proud she is!!!

I took a quick look at my achievements for 2010 this weekend, making sure I am keeping myself motivated and on track. So far, very pleased. In the six weeks of this year I have read six books and am currently juggling two Bill Bryson's. If you haven't read him, he is quite hilarious.

I wrote to my Great Uncle last night, finally asking him to help me with some family history info. I have huge regrets that I didn't record some of my history when I was younger. My grandma used to tell me great yarns about her rellies. But she died and I never bothered to either commit the stories to memory or even get her to write them down. Grandma's brother is getting a bit longer in the tooth now, and I don't want history to repeat, hence the letter.
I'm really pleased not to have put it off any longer. I am creating an album of my grandmas photos and treasures in hope that my children and grandchildren will appreciate the documentation and storytelling.

I also finished another story I'd been writing this week. Well, not a story but some children's poetry for learning numbers and the alphabet. By the time I start working again I might have a little collection. Don't worry, I'll invite you to the party if it hits the big time one day lol!!!

So I thought you might like to see what my growing kids are up to. You've seen a few glimpses of our holiday break. But I've got a few goodies left for you. Enjoy....
Perks of being fully weaned......independence!!!

Toddler logic. If you can't find the toy you're looking for, tip it all out. Then you'll see it ...and SIT in it !!!!

Elton John? Dame Edna? Little Mermaid?

For the record, Phoebe is simply NUTS about Dora. So if the chair is out, keep QUIET!!!!

Nothing like a little play-dough action in the early morning sun :-)
(note Phoebe still in P.J's it's that early!!!)

Hot days mean shirts off and we play hard!!!!!!

PS. Congratulations to Scott and Fiona who have just announced their engagement. Looking forward to a BIG party..............I'll bring the Margaritas!!!!!!

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