Monday, February 22, 2010

Books and Beaches

I've nearly got through my last pile of library books. Once again I was torn between the 'books to inspire mothers at home' and the 'criminal and historical' sections. I spent the entire Christmas break reading a variety of people's accounts of their personal achievements so have been looking for a contrast. Well, I haven't succeeded really. I'm obviously drawn to stories about survival (in a variety of definitions of the word).
"Just a Boy" is a personal account of the son of the first murder victim of the Yorkshire Ripper, who began his murder of women in the mid seventies. He was six, when he lost his mum, instantly subjected to 'life after murder'. I read it in two days, I always find the 'train of thought' style of writing easy and enjoyable to chug through.

"The Mupreneur Diaries" was a gorgeous yarn, in diary format and 'mum's are the perfect audience. Made me laugh and grimace many times over as I remember my first baby and first days of maternity leave. The author is hilariously honest about her repeated 'failures' as the perfect stay at home mum. I could relate to much of it. Although, I am also feeling a little smug now in my third round of post baby 'house-wifey-ness' and I have certainly improved my prowess on the domestic front.

For those of you who only check my blog for the family updates, here are a few pics from the weekend. At the beach again! The humidity is at it's highest here this month so you're going to be damp and sticky whether in the water or not. So the beach it is!!!!!!

G. I Jane Phoebe

Caitlin........who hated the water last year. Submerged, swimming in the waves!!!!!!!!!!

A rare shot of both of us.

Phoebe graduated to the dining table at last. She is very proud and entertains us with delightful conversation and worldly table manners.

She's a kiwi alright........loving that tomato sauce!


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