Sunday, February 14, 2010

The new Treacy additions.

No I'm not announcing the conception of twins, but instead a couple of cutie-pa-tooties called Cocoa and Crunchy.

Caitlin and Molly have been working hard on their chores to save many pennies for two new guinea pigs. The day finally came, yesterday armed with their hard earned cash we trotted off to Animates and chose the new pets.

Mark had recently made a new cage, one that has a slightly smaller bed area to keep them snug, warm and feeling secure. Although he is going to put finer netting on the sides I think because Tyson (the cat) has cleverly worked out his paw will slide in if he holds his mouth the correct way.

Caitlin's little guy, Crunchy is very calm and tame, but also the hungriest little pig I've ever met. Caitlin is an amazingly dedicated mum busying herself with 'care' chores. We all knew she would be.
Introducing Crunchy!

Molly's Cocoa is a little more skittish, at the moment, and yesterday was a bit anxious I think because he didn't want to eat much. This morning he seems more settled and happy to be cuddled. We had to insist on some down time yesterday. The kind of "step away from the cage girls!!" scenario, thinking the new pets needed time to adjust to their new surrounding on day one.
Introducing Cocoa!

Phoebe thinks they are wonderful, I think. She cocks her head to the side and utters an "aaaaaaah" to them. She also starts these high pitched giggles/squeals, quietly under her breath. Very cute wee girl. Her little hands are not always so gentle so supervision is definitely needed.
Ten years of handling babies has given Mark the paternal edge.

A curious Cocoa moment.

Other news; Mark has grown a tiny Aubergine (Eggplant). The plant is in a pot which may not be ideal, but it was our only option in this current house.

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  1. I love their noises...for example -
    Some owners actually refer to their guinea pigs as wheepers for this is the best description of one of the most commonly heard sounds. It is the first sound owners learn to identify for it is the joyous, anticipatory sound they make very loudly when they are about to be fed.
    There is a wheeping sound made with a lower kind of vibrato when they meet a new guinea pig or are just mooching around with old friends. There is a quieter, intermittent kind of wheeping that you get with a pack of guinea pigs, which sounds like background conversation. I think this is just another part of the bonding of a pack.

    :) the girls will love them


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