Friday, February 12, 2010

Death of a toothbrush....

Well, the last few days I totally lost my blogging 'mojo'.

Life dwardled on, kids off to school each day, piles of washing folded and back in drawers and the family content. Job done, on my part.
So I have focused on the extra things. Getting my C.V up to date, little bit of writing, baking a delicious chocolate slice, sorting through lovely family photos. I also made a fleeting visit (the only type I get with Phoebe along for the ride) to the library and left very excited with SIX books for the next month tucked under my arm! YEEHAAA!!!!

But today I decided I really had to make the effort to blog.
Thankfully early this evening Phoebe came to the party and gave me something to chat to you all about. I found Phoebe, Miss......what is she now? Miss 16 months, in the bathroom having a fantastic time with her toothbrush. I need to provide you with little history behind this girl and toothbrushes for you to fully appreciate today's experiences.

Miss Phoebe Treacy HATES having her teeth brushed with a passion. Which is odd because she adores the Dora brush and runs to get it, she just despises the cleaning process. She has mastered the art of jamming her gums and lips together with such a force that any spoon, medicine syringe, toothbrush or parent is often ricocheted across the room.
I persevere. I invent 'brushing' songs. I use diversion tactics "look what's over there". I use favourite toys "Oh look at good little tiger brushing his teeth.
Tonight I used brute force.
I admit to it all. I am the guilty party. I pinned my own child to the floor, tucked her arms down, opened her mouth with one hand and began with her new molars. The neighbours probably called Child & Young person Services, so I'm here now admitting my guilt to the world. However, Miss P does have extremely clean teeth this evening as a result. Only problem being, she may well now hate the process even more.....sigh.

Well, back to the bathroom discovery. I am soooooo very pleased that I scrubbed my bathroom today because I found Phoebe doing the very same type of cleaning with her beloved Dora toothbrush. When I walked in she was dealing to the tile grouting and just before I decided enough was enough she was headed for the toilet. Yes, I was relaxed enough about it to take photos, only because I knew I had put in the elbow grease earlier today. Had it been yesterday..................
Phoebe has two Dora toothbrushes, so we have a back-up in reserve for such occasions thank goodness.

Maybe this is Phoebe demonstrating how my role modeling is rubbing off on her. What will she be doing next then? Foul-mouthing the late rubbish guys and lying about with a Margarita and novel? I had better watch myself.
(Hey did you notice the scrape on Phoebe's nose?? She hit it on the concrete at school yesterday trying to keep up with the big kids...ouch!)

Have a spectacular weekend people.

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