Monday, February 8, 2010

Cicada Concerto

We are currently living in such a beautiful place. It is a contrast to Canterbury of which I still call home. But every now and then I am sharply reminded to take note of it all.
Early each morning and for majority of the day we are surrounded by noisy Cicada song. As I sit here writing it is almost too loud to hear myself think.
Then in the evening, while the Cicada brush their teeth and the last birdsong is sung a new sound can be heard. It doesn't happen until darkness begins to fall, but the twiddley-tweet of whistling frogs can be heard. We even have a local Morepork that ta-whit-ta-whooos anywhere from eleven pm onwards throughout the night.

I've tried to take a sound recording for you, on my tiny little camera which can't block out any wind noise, but see what you think!

The cicadas singing in our backyard, and the creature at the end is native to our backyard mostly.

Sorry, tried to record the Whistling frogs but they were a little too 'gentle' to be picked up on my little cam. You'll just have to believe me..........and no.........I'm not getting up at three am to record the Morepork! :-)

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