Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh it's been such a long time.....

Hi there.
It really has been sooooo looong. I have missed sharing with you all. Life has continued, kids growing, kids getting sick, battling but also enjoying some of the treats that winter brings. Right now my kids, dog and house (especially the dog hair) consume my days.
But I'm ok with that.
I miss working, but I am waiting for my next MRI (Monday 2nd) to reveal if I may need to undergo Chemotherapy.
But, I'm ok with that too. If it can make my journey continue a little longer in this lifetime then I'll battle on. This week I feel good, so I'm enjoying family and friends as much as I am able.

So what have we been up to??? 

It snowed. First snowy experience for Phoebe and heaps of fun for us all after living North of Auckland for nearly three years.

I love this photo that Caitlin took of the number on our gate, the dark early morning sky and the snow beginning to fall. Looks like stars falling from the sky to me.

No washing to be hung that day. YIPPEEEEE!

Our wintery 'wonderland' backyard.

Lovely wintery walks in Hanmer. A North Canterbury town.

We have fallen head over heels in love with this glossy girl. Although she has been a very determined puppy at repeatedly breaking into the compost heap!!

This girl continues to make us laugh daily. I keep finding her in the most predictable........

and surprising places!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all well and life/winter is treating you kindly. Have a wonderful week.
Jaz xx


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