Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Be kind

Tomorrow we attend a funeral for a well loved family member.
Someone who will leave a huge gap in our lives but an even bigger impression in our hearts.
He was a great guy. Not perfect, but very kind and loving.

I have been thinking about one of the most simple of Buddhist beliefs recently. 
"Never harm another living creature"

Simple. Beautiful.

Remember day it will be your own funeral and the things said about you will only come from how you behaved while you were living.

So be kind. Always.

Jaz xx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our school holidays.

Our holidays started slowly and leisurely.
It has been nice.
Sleep ins



Sunbathing in the winter sun

Seasonal baking (lemon slice)

Creative scarf making

Spinach loading to fight off winter bugs

Eating homemade rectangle pizzas

Curtain hanging
We also took advantage of the free holiday activities. The CHCH Botanical gardens has celebrated its 150th with a light display. Lights were shone into trees, casting beautiful colours and shapes around the gardens and sculptures.

Beautiful trees

Beautiful girls.

 Kaleidoscope patterns on the pathways

Trees made entirely of light

The full moon greeted us at our front door.

The holidays have been enjoyable and very quiet. Winter breaks at home sometimes are.

We are about to end the holiday break with a farewell to a dear family member.
The circle of life; a prince is born, a father dies.
Good luck on the next leg of your journey Brian. We love you.
Jaz x

Sunday, July 21, 2013

One little white pill

Well I haven't really caught you up on everything as yet. I guess I just feel so comfortable writing to you all it almost feels as if I never left.

I haven't had any more Neurological meetings or appointments while I wasn't blogging. I think my next will be around Christmas or New Year.
I don't have any new symptoms but the ongoing symptoms I was left with after surgery remain. My eyes get very sore and tired which often results in a headache. In fact I have some kind of discomfort around my eyes and or head everyday.
My eye muscles have got a little better I think, and my brain has adapted to the changes. I am amazed at how the body and brain can relearn. The double vision is very tiring.
But am coping.
Because of one little white pill.
Thank the heavens above for them.
I have my own inner courage, character and strength, I know that, but  the medication helps me to reason, to rationalise.
The most devastating thing about living with my brain tumour is the 'terminal' aspect. Never having the triumph of beating it, winning the battle, crossing the line so to speak. I was finding that really difficult.
At one point I just didn't know how to cope with the life long position I had found myself in. Hospitals for the rest of my life???

 It all seemed too BIG.

So now I live on a cocktail of Spirulina Blue, Resveratrol (with Turmeric) and the anti-depressant Cetalopram. Cetalopram is quite easily tolerated by the body with fewer side effects. In fact now that my body is used to it I am not aware of any.
I have recently read that antidepressants produce much better results in people who are already of optimistic in nature. That's me!!!!!!

I'm proud of being an optimist. I am also so pleased that the medication is helping.

I wanted to share this so that others knew it is not a weakness to take things to help your well being. These 'things' come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Mine just happen to be small, round and white.

I also had this weird thought when I first went on them that if people knew or found out they wouldn't trust my personality. That the happy, settled Jasmine they are talking to was a facade,  not the real thing.
I was sooooooo wrong.
Medication has helped me find myself again.  The loving, kind me. The me that enjoys life.

The best of me.

Sheesh my eyes are sore now!!! Picture time :-)

It's really good to be able to laugh at myself again.
Jaz xx

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday thinking.

I'm so very thankful for lots of things in my life.

Today I want to share how thankful for those around me who listen. REALLY listen.

I have just been for a check up with my GP, who just happens to be a very good listener. Because of her position/occupation she also likes to follow up her listening with action.

Listening is a very important skill. I have had to work at it myself over the years becoming a parent and teacher. Teaching my children to listen is a near impossible task. I teach by example. Hopefully they will copy and become better listeners someday.

I never have any problem with the talking part.

I have been teaching children how to listen to music. Especially music without lyrics. How to hear and identify the different parts and qualities of sound. I love sound. I love music.

Maybe THAT was what I should have written about. Loving music.

For me it is a rather passionate affair. It probably consumes my mind more than the actual love of my life and husband. I probably pay it more attention too.

My very own fifty shades of Music ;-)

Thankful for good listeners.
Thankful to good musicians.

Jaz x

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We need to catch up!!!

Hi there!

So nice to be back.

Winter is bringing outstandingly beautiful mornings here in North Canterbury. Frosty nights and amazing sunrises.
Gone are our North Island views of the sea and surrounding beauty, and now we just bask in the warmth of owning our own patch again. 

I have missed this.

And boy do I have a lot to say.

Not today tho.

I'll ease myself and yourselves into it gently.

 So many things have happened since late last year since my last post.
Quick update for you all.

Molly has started Netball and LOVES it.

Molly and Phoebe developing community awareness and empathy on ANZAC day. Just wish they showed more towards each other!!!!

 Our beautiful Caitlin is now 13 and in her first year at secondary school. Sheeesh!

 Molly continues to photo bomb my camera whenever I'm not near it. Grrrr :-)

 We bought another house.

 Currently enjoying making it our "long time" home for the kids to grow up in.

We can grow x rated veges. (Giggle)
Can't put those in the local ANP show or markets!!!!

We have done so much more, but as you already know my eyes are poorly and long posts are a thing of the past. Snippets will be short and sweet.

Thankful Thursday will return this week.

Until then.
You are in my thoughts.
Jaz x


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