Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday thinking.

I'm so very thankful for lots of things in my life.

Today I want to share how thankful for those around me who listen. REALLY listen.

I have just been for a check up with my GP, who just happens to be a very good listener. Because of her position/occupation she also likes to follow up her listening with action.

Listening is a very important skill. I have had to work at it myself over the years becoming a parent and teacher. Teaching my children to listen is a near impossible task. I teach by example. Hopefully they will copy and become better listeners someday.

I never have any problem with the talking part.

I have been teaching children how to listen to music. Especially music without lyrics. How to hear and identify the different parts and qualities of sound. I love sound. I love music.

Maybe THAT was what I should have written about. Loving music.

For me it is a rather passionate affair. It probably consumes my mind more than the actual love of my life and husband. I probably pay it more attention too.

My very own fifty shades of Music ;-)

Thankful for good listeners.
Thankful to good musicians.

Jaz x


  1. It's so good to see you back with a Thankful Thursday post which you pioneered and inspired me to copy. Like you I'm very thankful for music.

  2. Love hearing your voice again Jaz xxx


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