Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We need to catch up!!!

Hi there!

So nice to be back.

Winter is bringing outstandingly beautiful mornings here in North Canterbury. Frosty nights and amazing sunrises.
Gone are our North Island views of the sea and surrounding beauty, and now we just bask in the warmth of owning our own patch again. 

I have missed this.

And boy do I have a lot to say.

Not today tho.

I'll ease myself and yourselves into it gently.

 So many things have happened since late last year since my last post.
Quick update for you all.

Molly has started Netball and LOVES it.

Molly and Phoebe developing community awareness and empathy on ANZAC day. Just wish they showed more towards each other!!!!

 Our beautiful Caitlin is now 13 and in her first year at secondary school. Sheeesh!

 Molly continues to photo bomb my camera whenever I'm not near it. Grrrr :-)

 We bought another house.

 Currently enjoying making it our "long time" home for the kids to grow up in.

We can grow x rated veges. (Giggle)
Can't put those in the local ANP show or markets!!!!

We have done so much more, but as you already know my eyes are poorly and long posts are a thing of the past. Snippets will be short and sweet.

Thankful Thursday will return this week.

Until then.
You are in my thoughts.
Jaz x


  1. How wonderful to see you back in Blogland Jaz. Somehow, to me at least, it seems so much more 'real' than Facebook. Good too to see new pictures of The Girls: how they have grown during the last year.

  2. Yay - so cool to see you back here again! Wow - the girls have grown - they are beautiful, a real credit to you both! xx

  3. yay so good to see you in blog land. Glad you are well.
    Your girls are beauty's

  4. I knew you would be back! I keep an eye on you everyday sweet pea even when on holiday in Mill Valley CA.
    love to all Gill x x (showing off on holiday )


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