Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our school holidays.

Our holidays started slowly and leisurely.
It has been nice.
Sleep ins



Sunbathing in the winter sun

Seasonal baking (lemon slice)

Creative scarf making

Spinach loading to fight off winter bugs

Eating homemade rectangle pizzas

Curtain hanging
We also took advantage of the free holiday activities. The CHCH Botanical gardens has celebrated its 150th with a light display. Lights were shone into trees, casting beautiful colours and shapes around the gardens and sculptures.

Beautiful trees

Beautiful girls.

 Kaleidoscope patterns on the pathways

Trees made entirely of light

The full moon greeted us at our front door.

The holidays have been enjoyable and very quiet. Winter breaks at home sometimes are.

We are about to end the holiday break with a farewell to a dear family member.
The circle of life; a prince is born, a father dies.
Good luck on the next leg of your journey Brian. We love you.
Jaz x


  1. At one and the same time an interesting and enjoyable look at your holidays and a moving tribute to a lost family member.

  2. cute scarf.
    looks like a great holiday!

    sorry for your loss :(


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