Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....sort of!!

This will be a quick and succinct post today. I'm sad to say that the virus that knocked me over (or the bus that ran me over) as taken it's toll and I really feel pretty gross......still!

I've just discovered that hubby Mark updated his blog about his very topic. So thanks too him for keeping others up to speed.

Why does life do this?

I appologise for the lack of posting. I have missed it. But simply getting out of bed was a struggle for a few days. The past week has been better but I'm lacking my normal stamina or eyesight. (Sigh)

I hate the sadness that has come with 2011. I'm looking forward to the new year.

The ups and downs have continued over the past week or two. Having to have our 15year old cat Tyson put to sleep was not an enjoyable task. I was bedridden so poor Mark had to supervise and keep Tyson company in his final minutes.
I swear, Phoebe's 'death hold' had nothing to do with Tyson's demise. But it does show how loving and tolerant he had become over the years of living with our tribe.

It is Thankful Thursday and I am extremely grateful to the Vet Clinic for their prompt service. We now have Tyson's remains at home with us.
We also received a beautiful condolences card from the Vet clinic. A very welcome and warm surprise.

An up over the past week was meeting some "bloggy" friends for the first time. I had actually cancelled my attendance at lunch, but dragged my self through the shower and Mark kindly got me to the restaurant for an hour and half of fun. Blurry vision and all, I may have felt physically yucky, but my spirit was certainly lifted.
I got to meet the lovely Meg from MnM's
and many other lovelies. Yippppeeeeee!
Thanks to Leonie from Kiwi at Heart for organising the event. I'm sure the girls all had a great time. Thanks for welcoming me into the fold for the short time I was able to stay out of bed. MMWHAAAAAAAA!!

Since then I haven't even been able to read others' blog or comment. But hopefully from now onwards I'll contribute a little more.

Life goes on and I'm sure will once again get better and better.
Trying to thankful at every turn :-)
Jaz xx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it a thankful thursday or what !?!?!?

Yes feeling very thankful today. I was actually wondering what on earth to blog about earlier in the week. But as I really should know by now.........something will always come up.

After a great weekend, my aching back turned into blocked ears and dizzy head. Then feeling sleepy and weak. Only to become a thumping scary headache yesterday. I don't do headaches well anymore.
In my situation, for a moment I forgot that headaches can be caused by many other sources. Not always tumour related!! Especially if accompanied by the chills and body aches. But of course, there's a little guy in the back of my head whispering away all the risks and dangers that were outlined on discovery of my tumour. Thankfully, having got through the radiotherapy so well and strong is a sign of a robust immune system. Go me.

So today I'm thankful for having a GP that is exceptionally good at listening and making me feel at ease and reassured. I am not presenting with any neurological symptoms, no build up brain fluid which can cause headaches etc. In fact it's very likely that the risk of these things have greatly diminished!!! Yipppeeee!
If the radiotherapy has shrunk and stabilised the tumour, then I'm less likely to be at risk of dangerous headaches. My GP checked me over and made me feel like I'd really made the right decision coming in, just to be sure. He's the GP that also checked a little further (despite not presenting with any "brain tumour" symptoms) this time last year. I am truly blessed to have met the guy. Never has he once made me feel as though I may be a paranoid patient or mother. Not all my previous GPs have been so accommodating.

But like the rest of you, I occasionally get them, headaches that is. So I guess I have an annoying little virus. (Which is not surprising, Mark and the girls have caught all sorts of things over the past two months!!) I guess it was finally my turn. Poop!

This weekend; sleep, dvds and mooching. Can't wait.

I'm also thankful for caring and understanding Vets. Yesterday, our male cat Tyson dragged himself back to the house after being missing for approx 48 hours. He looked terrible.
He had soiled himself and we were terrified he had ben hit by a car. He was obviously dehydrated and unfed.
The local vet clinic took him in immediately announcing on inspection that his badder was extremely full and there could be a blockage.
Thankfully his bladder was drained, no blockage found, and spent the night being rehydrated. It was an anxious wait as it seemed he was close to renal failure. Our poor baby.
Lucy, our other cat temporarily went off her food and looked like she was missing her brother last night. Mark and I have had both Lucy and Tyson for approx 15 years, so they are a special part of our family.
We all hope he is ok and am waiting for the vet to get out of another surgery to report on his recovery.

So. Yep life sure does have a way of just getting on with things. I guess I'll always have something to blog about. Whether it's a cold, an outing or a birthday. What ever happens......I'm thankful. Wouldn't want it to get too boring around here would we ;-)

Jaz xx

Monday, August 8, 2011

A wacky and wonderful weekend

Our weekend was pretty fab. The weather was crazy, but there was no way it was going to dampen our spirits. This year and birthday deserved celebrating. We decided WE were worth celebrating.

His birthday weekend and I get flowers?? What's with that?? I no complain tho :-)

So we started with cake. Butter cake with Vanilla frosting and Mark's recent hobby of working out attempted to be conveyed on top. It tasted gooooooood though.

See where those girls get their cheesy grins?!!!!!

Sunday morning we drove to Devonport to catch the ferry (on the windiest and wettest day of the month it seemed LOL).
We discovered the most amazing little shops in the terminal building. Completely hidden away. An awesome find!
A second hand book lovers heaven.

The crossing over was pretty calm with only a light drizzle.

The girls were a mix of nerves and excitement.

Phoebe looking for "fishies"

Our destination; Auckland Viaduct.

Mark and girls watching the boat being backed in and parked at the approaching dock.

The kids were desperate to take their own photos.
Local sights....
Cool wind driven statues.....

And an addition for the Christmas wish list so I discover when going through their shots. LOL. Gorgeous!! (Must check the Lotto ticket)

See! I did attend this outing!!!

And again!
This pic reminds me of some corny broadway musical....

Pounding the city pavements. Walking to the Grand Harbour Restaurant for a Yum Cha lunch!!

All challenges attempted with gusto, including eating ice-cream balls with chopsticks. Go Phoebe!!

We got out of the city just in time. The wind and rain REALLY set in on the homeward bound crossing.
In fact as we stepped off the boat and leapt into the car the wind turned into a gale and the rain was in sheets.


What's a bit of wind and water when you're happy.

It made us all laugh.

Several times.

The weekend was completed with hot drinks and toasted sandwiches.


Jaz xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: What a year it has been!

In two days time, on Sunday, it will have been a whole year since I was told I had a tumour in my head.
Yep. It truly rocked my world.
It also rocked the world of my family.

Of course we had no idea what would follow and follow. I'm glad we didn't.
The day after we found out this information was my hubs birthday. A bittersweet one it was too. Which means we are once again celebrating his birthday this coming weekend. Thankfully with a different attitude.
Yes we are still frightened on a daily basis about what the future will bring, but we also truly appreciate the uncertainty that LIFE is. Shoving the fear to the back of the cupboard is not easy but I know we will go crazy if we don't ignore it sometimes. We hope that we will get some good news in the coming months that will allow some 'breathe easy' time. It may happen. We've just gotta believe and we are allowed to hope.
The person who made this little guy has no idea that he helped my non functioning hand return to full use during the rehab weeks. He sits beside my bed and reminds me of success, but also the care involved in making and sending. Thank you :-)

The cups of tea from an almost, but lovely stranger, now considered a dear friend.

I have many things to be thankful for over this year. I have thanked many people directly and indirectly. Some through this blog, texting, letter writing, phone-calls and other means. I also misplaced some addresses when people sent me lovely things and I'm very sorry about that. I will use the excuse that I was in hospital and rehab and not as organised or clear headed as normal. I also remember Mark saying he had thanked some blog followers for their cards and gifts on my behalf. I also have Mark to thank, as at a time when he was terrified he would lose his wife and mother of his children. He kept going and still does.
Healing smells from another lovely person :-)

To all of you. Thank you so much.
You have made this year richer.

What could be my worst year, may possibly be the richest.

I really know who cares for me and whom I care about in return. Some of you just left a few words on this blog. It was more than enough. The human spirit really is enriched and lifted by others' words. How bloody amazing.

What a bloody amazing year.

Amid the crap. I remember lots of love.

This weekend we will CELEBRATE my hubs birthday, enjoy our children and appreciate what it REALLY means to be alive.
Jaz xx

Monday, August 1, 2011

Farewell School holidays!

Well we did it. We survived the school holidays and have begun the week enthusiastic.
So what else did we get up to in the last few days of freedom??
Playdough making, a regular occurrance during holiday periods in our house.

Baking and water play.

Early morning beach visits.
Sleepy boats.
Bird bottoms.

The best time to visit. Nobody else about, very little noise, and a nip in the air.

Cheating, and being ok with it!! Yep, sometimes the superwoman cape comes off and the 'pinny' is donned. I like cooking from scratch but occasionally a pack of pre-made sweet short pastry, can of diced apple, frozen blueberries, tspn or cinnamon and sugar will just do the trick. Twenty minutes later you have a pie that the children go oooh and aaaah over.
Cheating is ok!

Visiting bird shows and watching the girls stare in wonder.

And demonstrate some pre-reading skills.

Take pics from their own personal view, hee hee

We all enjoyed the sounds and sights.

We also enjoyed the Japanese lunch that followed. (Note the pre-reading skills again.....)

Yep, we got there alright.
I hope you survived the holidays, and if you weren't on holiday like us then I hope your weekend was lovely and it is a good week ahead.

Jaz xx


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