Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: What a year it has been!

In two days time, on Sunday, it will have been a whole year since I was told I had a tumour in my head.
Yep. It truly rocked my world.
It also rocked the world of my family.

Of course we had no idea what would follow and follow. I'm glad we didn't.
The day after we found out this information was my hubs birthday. A bittersweet one it was too. Which means we are once again celebrating his birthday this coming weekend. Thankfully with a different attitude.
Yes we are still frightened on a daily basis about what the future will bring, but we also truly appreciate the uncertainty that LIFE is. Shoving the fear to the back of the cupboard is not easy but I know we will go crazy if we don't ignore it sometimes. We hope that we will get some good news in the coming months that will allow some 'breathe easy' time. It may happen. We've just gotta believe and we are allowed to hope.
The person who made this little guy has no idea that he helped my non functioning hand return to full use during the rehab weeks. He sits beside my bed and reminds me of success, but also the care involved in making and sending. Thank you :-)

The cups of tea from an almost, but lovely stranger, now considered a dear friend.

I have many things to be thankful for over this year. I have thanked many people directly and indirectly. Some through this blog, texting, letter writing, phone-calls and other means. I also misplaced some addresses when people sent me lovely things and I'm very sorry about that. I will use the excuse that I was in hospital and rehab and not as organised or clear headed as normal. I also remember Mark saying he had thanked some blog followers for their cards and gifts on my behalf. I also have Mark to thank, as at a time when he was terrified he would lose his wife and mother of his children. He kept going and still does.
Healing smells from another lovely person :-)

To all of you. Thank you so much.
You have made this year richer.

What could be my worst year, may possibly be the richest.

I really know who cares for me and whom I care about in return. Some of you just left a few words on this blog. It was more than enough. The human spirit really is enriched and lifted by others' words. How bloody amazing.

What a bloody amazing year.

Amid the crap. I remember lots of love.

This weekend we will CELEBRATE my hubs birthday, enjoy our children and appreciate what it REALLY means to be alive.
Jaz xx


  1. you rock Jaz!
    Thanks for sharing your journey...we are all along for the ride. And may the destination for you be rich and full of blessing.

  2. Wow what a year aye!!! (and us sitting here behind the blog screens no doubt even realise a smidgen of what it's been like for you all as a family).

    Happy Birthday to your Man and I hope you are able to celebrate with SO much joy with all you have overcome. You guys are amazing

  3. Wow - what a year alright! So thankful that you can celebrate hubby's birthday this year with joy and thankfulness. So glad that my moustached cupcake helped you out so much!! All my love!!

  4. A year? It seems so short a period and yet it seems to have lasted so long. It's a year in which your experience has not only altered your life and made you more aware but one in which your experience has made others more aware too. And I am one of those. Go Jaz! May you write many, many posts for years to come.

  5. Wish we were there to celebrate - so much water under the bridge here in the past months I can't take it all in, so must be zillions worse for you.
    You have all coped amazingly. You still are...
    Lots of hugs to you both from us down here xxxxx

  6. To MY dear friend. I am so blessed to know you. Truly blessed. Thank you for sharing so honestly your journey, you are one amazing lady. Getting to know you has been one of the best things that has happened in my year. And I am hanging out to hug you for real in a couple of weeks!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s. And happy birthday to that tremendous man of yours too!

  7. I came to your post through Graham. Don't worry, we all take the odd hit, you are not alone, it's life. Be brave and survive.In the darkest moments gain solace from what your insurance is having to pay. Just get on with what you can do and ignore the rest.
    All the very best A.

  8. I too come your way through GB. May God's blessings continue to strengthen you further. You sound like an amazing young woman. It is wonderful to hear how you are faring. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Wow Jaz! I have followed along with your journey. You and Mark are an amazing team. What a gift you have given others just by sharing some of your most terrifying times and demonstrating your enormous spirit. Thank you for being so frank. You are regularly in my thoughts.

  10. Hello! Visiting from Kristy's blog today. Thanks for sharing a bit of how the blog community lifted you up in your dark time. How encouraging and how beautiful. I pray you receive good news too, and that your story impacts many others.

  11. Just found your blog today- what an incredible journey you've had! Celebrate life this weekend!!! Thank you for the reminder :)

  12. Isn't time strange... One can look back over a year (or whatever period) and in some ways it may seem life looks pretty much the same, and in other ways sooo much may have happened. It is probably for the better that we cannot also see ahead and know all that will 'follow and follow'! Thank you for letting us follow you step by step along the way.

  13. Jaz it really is a credit to you and your family how much love and support you received. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes - I know its so weird to be on the receiving end of so much love and goodwill and feeling as if it was so undeserved at times ( people love us THAT much?). I'm so pleased you are past the darker days of last year and recovering so gracefully and determinedly. Thank you and to Mark for your honesty and keep on doing what you do so well on this blog. xx


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