Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....sort of!!

This will be a quick and succinct post today. I'm sad to say that the virus that knocked me over (or the bus that ran me over) as taken it's toll and I really feel pretty gross......still!

I've just discovered that hubby Mark updated his blog about his very topic. So thanks too him for keeping others up to speed.

Why does life do this?

I appologise for the lack of posting. I have missed it. But simply getting out of bed was a struggle for a few days. The past week has been better but I'm lacking my normal stamina or eyesight. (Sigh)

I hate the sadness that has come with 2011. I'm looking forward to the new year.

The ups and downs have continued over the past week or two. Having to have our 15year old cat Tyson put to sleep was not an enjoyable task. I was bedridden so poor Mark had to supervise and keep Tyson company in his final minutes.
I swear, Phoebe's 'death hold' had nothing to do with Tyson's demise. But it does show how loving and tolerant he had become over the years of living with our tribe.

It is Thankful Thursday and I am extremely grateful to the Vet Clinic for their prompt service. We now have Tyson's remains at home with us.
We also received a beautiful condolences card from the Vet clinic. A very welcome and warm surprise.

An up over the past week was meeting some "bloggy" friends for the first time. I had actually cancelled my attendance at lunch, but dragged my self through the shower and Mark kindly got me to the restaurant for an hour and half of fun. Blurry vision and all, I may have felt physically yucky, but my spirit was certainly lifted.
I got to meet the lovely Meg from MnM's
and many other lovelies. Yippppeeeeee!
Thanks to Leonie from Kiwi at Heart for organising the event. I'm sure the girls all had a great time. Thanks for welcoming me into the fold for the short time I was able to stay out of bed. MMWHAAAAAAAA!!

Since then I haven't even been able to read others' blog or comment. But hopefully from now onwards I'll contribute a little more.

Life goes on and I'm sure will once again get better and better.
Trying to thankful at every turn :-)
Jaz xx


  1. Hope you begin to feel alot better soon Jaz. So sorry to hear about your Tyson :(

  2. So sorry to hear about your cat! Was lovely to meet you and really hoping you feel yourself again soon. xoxo

  3. Hope you are feeling yourself again soon! Thanks for making the effort to come meet us even though it was a brief one!
    Hugs and Love for the loss of your Fur Baby xxx

  4. it was so cool to see you! thanks for coming even though you were so sick, A real inspiration.

  5. I'm so glad that you are on the road to recovery again. That lifts my Thursday.

  6. I'm sorry about Tyson! It was good to meet you on Saturday - glad you were able to make it

  7. Hey beautiful lady been thinking of you this week. That was a heck of a feat you managed to pull off getting to the lunch. But just giving you big hugs made the day for me.

    Hope that you're soon feeling a lot stronger again. Nasty bug it's time to hit the road!!
    Love ya xx

    Love ya xx.


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