Monday, August 1, 2011

Farewell School holidays!

Well we did it. We survived the school holidays and have begun the week enthusiastic.
So what else did we get up to in the last few days of freedom??
Playdough making, a regular occurrance during holiday periods in our house.

Baking and water play.

Early morning beach visits.
Sleepy boats.
Bird bottoms.

The best time to visit. Nobody else about, very little noise, and a nip in the air.

Cheating, and being ok with it!! Yep, sometimes the superwoman cape comes off and the 'pinny' is donned. I like cooking from scratch but occasionally a pack of pre-made sweet short pastry, can of diced apple, frozen blueberries, tspn or cinnamon and sugar will just do the trick. Twenty minutes later you have a pie that the children go oooh and aaaah over.
Cheating is ok!

Visiting bird shows and watching the girls stare in wonder.

And demonstrate some pre-reading skills.

Take pics from their own personal view, hee hee

We all enjoyed the sounds and sights.

We also enjoyed the Japanese lunch that followed. (Note the pre-reading skills again.....)

Yep, we got there alright.
I hope you survived the holidays, and if you weren't on holiday like us then I hope your weekend was lovely and it is a good week ahead.

Jaz xx

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  1. The holidays make me very thankful for teachers and schools!


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