Monday, August 8, 2011

A wacky and wonderful weekend

Our weekend was pretty fab. The weather was crazy, but there was no way it was going to dampen our spirits. This year and birthday deserved celebrating. We decided WE were worth celebrating.

His birthday weekend and I get flowers?? What's with that?? I no complain tho :-)

So we started with cake. Butter cake with Vanilla frosting and Mark's recent hobby of working out attempted to be conveyed on top. It tasted gooooooood though.

See where those girls get their cheesy grins?!!!!!

Sunday morning we drove to Devonport to catch the ferry (on the windiest and wettest day of the month it seemed LOL).
We discovered the most amazing little shops in the terminal building. Completely hidden away. An awesome find!
A second hand book lovers heaven.

The crossing over was pretty calm with only a light drizzle.

The girls were a mix of nerves and excitement.

Phoebe looking for "fishies"

Our destination; Auckland Viaduct.

Mark and girls watching the boat being backed in and parked at the approaching dock.

The kids were desperate to take their own photos.
Local sights....
Cool wind driven statues.....

And an addition for the Christmas wish list so I discover when going through their shots. LOL. Gorgeous!! (Must check the Lotto ticket)

See! I did attend this outing!!!

And again!
This pic reminds me of some corny broadway musical....

Pounding the city pavements. Walking to the Grand Harbour Restaurant for a Yum Cha lunch!!

All challenges attempted with gusto, including eating ice-cream balls with chopsticks. Go Phoebe!!

We got out of the city just in time. The wind and rain REALLY set in on the homeward bound crossing.
In fact as we stepped off the boat and leapt into the car the wind turned into a gale and the rain was in sheets.


What's a bit of wind and water when you're happy.

It made us all laugh.

Several times.

The weekend was completed with hot drinks and toasted sandwiches.


Jaz xx


  1. Your weekends sounds like so much fun!! Love the photos and that rose looks like velvet! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

  2. what a great great weekend of celebrations and fun.
    you all deserve some celebrating and you did it with lots of style.
    it'll be funny if that boat sneaks under the christmas tree this year ;P

    happy week to you all ♥

  3. Happy sigh at such lovely family adventures and fun being had despite the rain and wind! Great effort on the cake too - that's one muscle man you have there! And so great to see you making an appearance in some pics too! xx

  4. It looks like you all had a lovely weekend. The smiles, the fun, the wish list (good luck with that Mark :) ). Jaz - you look fantastic. I always love seeing what you and your gorgeous family have been up to.

  5. A lovely outing to celebrate.. so much neater than driving over the bridge!
    The cake looks massive... love it.

    Lots of great new pics for me to save - thank you :)

    His pressie is in the mail after failed attempt on Saturday..sigh
    Lots of love and hugs to all

  6. Hey Jaz - love that CAKE!!!
    I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on saturday... so I'm visiting all the blogs.
    MOST impressed by that CAKE.


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