Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it a thankful thursday or what !?!?!?

Yes feeling very thankful today. I was actually wondering what on earth to blog about earlier in the week. But as I really should know by now.........something will always come up.

After a great weekend, my aching back turned into blocked ears and dizzy head. Then feeling sleepy and weak. Only to become a thumping scary headache yesterday. I don't do headaches well anymore.
In my situation, for a moment I forgot that headaches can be caused by many other sources. Not always tumour related!! Especially if accompanied by the chills and body aches. But of course, there's a little guy in the back of my head whispering away all the risks and dangers that were outlined on discovery of my tumour. Thankfully, having got through the radiotherapy so well and strong is a sign of a robust immune system. Go me.

So today I'm thankful for having a GP that is exceptionally good at listening and making me feel at ease and reassured. I am not presenting with any neurological symptoms, no build up brain fluid which can cause headaches etc. In fact it's very likely that the risk of these things have greatly diminished!!! Yipppeeee!
If the radiotherapy has shrunk and stabilised the tumour, then I'm less likely to be at risk of dangerous headaches. My GP checked me over and made me feel like I'd really made the right decision coming in, just to be sure. He's the GP that also checked a little further (despite not presenting with any "brain tumour" symptoms) this time last year. I am truly blessed to have met the guy. Never has he once made me feel as though I may be a paranoid patient or mother. Not all my previous GPs have been so accommodating.

But like the rest of you, I occasionally get them, headaches that is. So I guess I have an annoying little virus. (Which is not surprising, Mark and the girls have caught all sorts of things over the past two months!!) I guess it was finally my turn. Poop!

This weekend; sleep, dvds and mooching. Can't wait.

I'm also thankful for caring and understanding Vets. Yesterday, our male cat Tyson dragged himself back to the house after being missing for approx 48 hours. He looked terrible.
He had soiled himself and we were terrified he had ben hit by a car. He was obviously dehydrated and unfed.
The local vet clinic took him in immediately announcing on inspection that his badder was extremely full and there could be a blockage.
Thankfully his bladder was drained, no blockage found, and spent the night being rehydrated. It was an anxious wait as it seemed he was close to renal failure. Our poor baby.
Lucy, our other cat temporarily went off her food and looked like she was missing her brother last night. Mark and I have had both Lucy and Tyson for approx 15 years, so they are a special part of our family.
We all hope he is ok and am waiting for the vet to get out of another surgery to report on his recovery.

So. Yep life sure does have a way of just getting on with things. I guess I'll always have something to blog about. Whether it's a cold, an outing or a birthday. What ever happens......I'm thankful. Wouldn't want it to get too boring around here would we ;-)

Jaz xx


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather - hope a quiet weekend does the trick - lots of lemon/honey and paracetamol and rest. You gotta big event to get better for next weekend :-)

    Hope kitty is OK too :-)

  2. Yes, life does have a way with getting on with things. I guess your headaches may forever remind you of your fear, your courage, your determination, and the things you now celebrate. Bless them. :)

  3. Thank you so much Jaz for your post. You'll see why when you read mine!

    I hope that your headache and general malaise disappear quickly.


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