Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Baby speak!

I'm here, still recovering. Poor eyesight and all. But here.

I was thinking about a post I did many moons ago about our little Phoebe. She was 18months old and we loved her dictionary of words she had gathered in her short life.

Well, our little girl is nearing THREE, ouch where did that time go?? I thought it might be fun to update the baby speak dictionary. Of course, not being a baby makes a real difference. She has a wealth of vocab and loves to use it. But there are always a few gems which will make it onto the blog:

Here goes:

Segly and sausages: Spaghetti to you and I. We should correct her, but it's just sooo cute.

Holy pap!!!: Holy Crap. (I know, not cute and we do discourage this one. But once again, giggles all round when she first popped this one out!)

Arrrrgh me parties: That's what pirates say of course, don't they?? Phoebe loves pirates and she gets the 'p' of the word pirates a little confused and in the wrong place. But we LOVE it!

Urprise: Surprise!!! Leaving off the first letters seems to be her thing at the moment. Despite having good hearing and being ABLE to do it.

ATCCH.........bless me: A sneeze. Adorable.

So, why I am really doing this is to remind my self, that despite all the challenges that come with two and three year old children. There are many rewards as well.

I'm also feeling particularly sad that I can't do as much with them at the moment. My eyes are crippling me and I feel very housebound. Hopefully an improvement soon.

Please have a good Thursday and weekend.
Jaz xx


  1. I love writing down lilttle sayings etc my kids have said because we will forget such things in time and they are so precious!!
    All my best wishes and thoughts go out to you and I really pray you are feeling better soon.

  2. Great Idea writing this stuff down!
    Oh Jaz! I pray that you will be feeling better soon!

  3. Oh so important to record all this as it's way too easy to forget once they lose their cute-isms. We need to keep praying and believing for those eyes to return to normal hey lovely gal. That I will definitely do xxxxxx

  4. We love Holy PaP. Was that ever used in Batman cartoons, it just seems so right.

  5. Great to see you back in the game babe x

  6. Hey hon don't forget to let me know when you are driving again so we can arrange to meet. Or i am happy to pop out and see you one morning when you are up to it. Becs xxoo

  7. Awwww, there's nothing better than a good bit of toddler talk! Thanks for the wee giggle about "holy pap!"

  8. It's so good to see your post, Jaz. I hope that your eyesight improves quickly.

    You reminded me that my (now 37 year old!) son used to say 'Laly Pids' for 'Lily Pads' (and we still call them that) and that Spesh's daughter Kate used to say 'dop dit' for 'dropped it' and that' too, has become part of the adult vocabulary of her Mum.

    I have a feeling that 'Holy pap!!!' is going to find similar fame.

  9. Lizzie aged 3years; "Zoogip" for music, "Gotfor" instead of forgot. And this conversation; Lizzie: "Mummy? Did you and Dad buy our house?" Me: "Yes." Lizzie: "How did you get it out of the door?" Me: "Pardon?" Lizzie: "Did you get someone to help you lift it out of the shop?"
    Thanks Jaz for reminding me of these special moments. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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