Friday, September 9, 2011

Fess up Friday

I have a confession to make. I'm going on a blogging holiday.

I wish it was to some tropical location but it's not. I'll still be here reading all your blogs, keeping tabs on your recipes and weekly doings. I love it.
Random pics of my beautiful people :-)

But I'm not loving my own posting at the moment. I almost feel obligated to post about stuff that I just don't have at the moment. My eyesight keeps me at home and I don't even have many photographs of the kids. I'm starting to feel better, but imprisoned due to double vision. Writing, despite normally loving it, does not make me happy at the moment. It seems to drain my energy and require the kind of focus that I used to have, but am now having to rebuild.

I have some follow up hospital appointments coming up to think about and process anyway. My brain will be busy enough.

So I'm taking a break.

Take care. I hope you'll still be here when I get back.
Jaz xx


  1. Take care of yourself Jaz! We'll be here waiting patiently when you feel up to it again.

  2. No worries Jaz. Rest up and we'll still be here when you are up to it. xoxo p.s. love the photos!

  3. We love ya, posts or no posts! And I have your email and mobile so you can't get away from me that easily ;-)

    Hope that you can rest easy lovely gal and will be praying for that vision to sort itself out real soon.

    You are an amazing woman Jaz and I'm so glad to know you and call you my friend xxxxxxx

  4. Aww..we will miss you! Love reading your thoughts..the good with the bad.
    Praying that your eyesight will improve..I suppose computer screens are not so good for that either! Take care Jaz

  5. Too much time at the computer can be very tiring for the eyes and especially when there is already a problem. Wish you the best of luck in trying to find the right 'level' of doing things vs resting.

  6. All the best Jaz! Will be thinking of you - I catch up with your old mates at Ashley school sometimes and I know they are also there with you in their thoughts. Take care
    Loburn School

  7. All the very best Jaz with your recovery. I met up with Meghan last week and she told me how lovely it was to meet you and she was so touched that you managed to make it. Rest up and the writing will always be there, when you're ready. Lots of people are thinking of you x

  8. Hi Jaz, Kristen Whitcombe here. I wrote you a big letter months ago and didn't know how to send it, hope this reaches you. Have been reading your blogs and can't believe such a lovely person as yourself keeps having shit thrown at you. You obviously have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughters but wow, what you have been through! I really feel for you that you have had to be a fighter instead of just being able to kick back and enjoy what your hard work sould bring you. Prayers and best wishes to you and your lovely family. Kris

  9. Enjoy the break and revel in the 'me' time. Good luck with all your appointments.

  10. Hi Jaz, just wanted to say hi and hope you're enjoying the bloggy break :-)


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