Sunday, October 9, 2011


Drat, damn and a few other expletives.
But I survived.
I'll be back.
In time.
Jaz xx


  1. So sorry to hear another operation was necessary; glad to hear it went well. Can only hope and pray it will get better and that you'll be able to keep your spirits up and deal with one day at a time.

  2. Sounds really tough, hope you are getting some rest and strength

  3. Thinking of you all, I can only imagine how exhausting it all is. Praying for you too. xx

  4. Oh no :( Sorry you have to go through this.
    Praying for you Jaz xx

  5. Hi lovely...despite being in touch via text its only after reading Mark's blog that I've realised the extent of what you've been facing these past few weeks.

    Big hugs, you are such a brave and beautiful woman who I am so blessed to know. I'll be praying that from here on in it is good and positive news for you all xx


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