Thursday, April 8, 2010

Phoebe has been entertaining us for 18months now. In recent months even more so. The third child is born into such a different household. I am amazed at the dynamics and differences in the development between my first and third child. I'm sure it's not simply their personalities but their environment must play a huge part.

For all of you who love Phoebe and are missing out on hearing her learn to talk. Mark suggested I publish her current words with translations, which I thought was a kind of cool idea. Here are her latest. No need to feel left out anymore!!!!!

Phoebe Dialect: Parent Translation

  • dada: dad
  • mama: mum
  • mummmmy!!: anyone who can hear me I want it now
  • baybeeee: baby
  • lucys: our cat Lucy and all cats in the world
  • dirdi: bird
  • puppa: puppy or dog
  • ooh ooh aah aah: monkeys ( and unfortunately tribal people on a recent documentary)
  • wuf wuf/woh woh: dog
  • mmmmm: cow
  • baaaa: sheep
  • tongue click: horse
  • wack wack: duck
  • aaaaaw: sorry or I don't want to go to bed
  • DEE!!!: BOO!! or GO!!!!
  • Hi ya: hello
  • DIE!!!!!!!!!: goodbye to everyone who can hear or see me, especially when leaving shops
  • bubba: bye bye
  • schoozies: shoes
  • weeeeee: swings
  • playeeeee: playground
  • buck: truck
  • BRRMMMM: car
  • up: jump
  • lala: Aunty Karla
  • nannananan: Nana
  • bah: bath, shower, ocean/beach, lake, small puddle
  • ssssssh: fish
  • bum: bum
  • that???: who's that???
  • doo doo dara: Dora!!!
  • shhaantaaa: Santa
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeew!!: anything that goes buzz, looks like a bug or insect, OR my nappy is yuk, OR my sisters are being gross and I'm simply copying them, cause I am a COOL 18mth old.
  • owwwwww: I have a sore or a teeny tiny mark on my finger
  • numa numa numb: I'm hungry
  • dough: NO!
  • naaaahna: banana
  • botta: bottle
  • tickeee tickeee: tickling toes or tummies
  • big raspberry noise: what you have put in front of me must be a vegetable and it is gross. I am about to throw it at your head, be warned!!!!

I'm thinking there are probably hundreds of others, we just don't understand them yet!!

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