Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, Phoebe and Molly got their cakes on the blog so I thought I better pop Caitlin's on as well. This time around........(seeing as Caitlin is suddenly soooo mature now) the cake's focus has gone from taste and frosting being the most important and decoration being a kinda cool extra!
So I went for rich chocolate and discovered a recipe for really GOOD american style chocolate frosting. Oh yum! Not many frostings make you gasp like this one :-)

Some fun music trimming on top, as Caitlin has been learning the piano this year, and voila!!
A bit 'honky tonk' looking, but tasted great!

Caitlin has a friend over for two nights so we have made pizzas, eaten cake and followed all this with a dvd for the ten year olds and cups of tea for us oldies! A nice day for all.

Latest update on the house front. The rental we are currently in has had two offers on it this past fortnight. Looks like this one is going through. I started packing yesterday (cursing loudly under breath), but cross fingers we get a rental that is only four houses away. I'll keep you posted about that one.

Have a lovely Easter with your loved ones and friends. Do something new this weekend!!

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