Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phoebe's coming of age.

Yes, you'll remember the posts of past that showed Molly learning to swing, climb and balance at 'Gym 'n' ees'. Well with Molly now at school each day she has moved to bigger and brighter things.
Phoebe however has come of age and qualifies to actually participate in the toddler group.

Those of you who know Phoebe's physical skills and personality will appreciate the difficulty I had to even get these very quickly taken shots that follow. She is a dynamite stick on legs with an endless supply of battery life.
As I was taking shots and trying to shove the camera back into my pocket Phoebe would be running off to the next piece of equipment she thought looked exciting. I have run after her for an hour this morning, making sure she didn't 'BAM BAM' other children off activities!!! Good exercise for me too though!
Sometimes the toys are still more interesting than the balancing tasks.

All this even on a dose of antibiotics as tonsilitis has reoccurred. What a trooper!

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