Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Molly's first day at school!

Well the day arrived. I surprised myself by waking and getting out of bed early enough to get myself ready before the kids woke and sneak in a coffee. I really do have this 'mother at home' thing sussed. Mind you, it's only day one, term one, lol. Molly woke and had everything ready and wanted to leave by 7.50am. First bell goes at 8.30. Sweet huh. I wonder how long that enthusiasm lasts. I just know she is going to love school. She is our social butterfly and I feel this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in her life.

I coped extremely well. There was one moment just before I left the classroom when I noticed a strained look of anxiety on her cute little face. But it was fleeting and she quickly smiled lovingly at her new teacher, so I knew it a good time for me to leave.
Mark delayed leaving for work this morning so he could come and see her classroom and check out Caitlin's new one. She is in Year 6 this year. Wow! A whole decade has almost passed since I had that lovely girl. I can't wait to blog about that birthday at the end of March.
Molly also had her first swimming lesson in her new swimming group into which she graduated before Christmas last year. I imagine she will have no trouble getting to sleep later this evening:-) Caitlin's athletics club starts back up again tomorrow evening.
Molly has requested Spaghetti and Meatballs as her 'first day at school' dinner. A tradition in our house. Caitlin's was macaroni cheese, five years ago of course. So I have to get to the supermarket to get some pasta!
I'll leave you with some more photos.......
How lucky am I.......


  1. Glad you had such a great day Molly :) xx

    They just keep on getting better as they grow up - a lovely family.

    J and J are home tomorrow !!!!

  2. Phaha, Super cute! Just wait till she is in her last year of high school, then maybe she wont be so keen for such early starts. Today was a total shock to the system for me! It will be early bed for me!

  3. cute! My wee girl started school today too and was not the least bit fazed, already making her presence known in the classroom! we had her favourite dinner too pizza and chips :)

  4. Gorgeous wee uniforms!!! What a handsome family Jaz :) Just you and wee girl at home now, some special times together!


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