Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cover-seal................I will not be defeated!!!!!!!!!

Today the school office opened which meant we could buy our stationery packs and Molly's school uniform. Tuesday is the big day, which I'm sure I will find an emotional spare minute to blog about it.
Molly has gone beyond excitement. As soon the the front door was unlocked on our return home she was flying up the stairs, half undressed ready to try her new digs on!
And here is my number two baby in her first school uniform.........

There are two different coloured polo shirts as the mustard/gold is being gradually phased out.

The girls and I then continued on to drool over the stationery packs. We are all hopeless stationery addicts..... in obviously serious withdrawal from the holiday break. I wrestled with cover-seal for about an hour. All books now deliciously wrapped and in a neat pile ready for the big day. Note to self; add 'coversealing' to C.V as I have got very good at taming the beast and avoiding the dreaded air bubbles.

So as the day wore on and then to a close Phoebe had obviously felt a little left out of the excitement and attention. She did a fabulous display of bubble blowing in the bath this evening. All I have to do now is get her to sing "Yellow Submarine" at the same time :-) xx


  1. Gorgeous Molly - so exciting - have a wonderful first day :) xx
    Mmmmmmm Stationery - i went into three stationery shops yesterday, all before 9.30 am.... bliss...all that fresh paper and card and pens and stuff to use - and I got to buy stuff :)
    Great bubbles Phoebs x

  2. What a clever girl Phoebe! We all watched this and smiled. Shame Molly's not wearing Ashley school uniform.... From Simone


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