Monday, January 18, 2010

Splits and Novels

Part two of the video documentation of Phoebe's new moves is here. Being the third baby in our household she is doing everything so much faster than the others and completing tasks the other girls never even attempted at such a young age. Phoebe has some pretty special role models.
She adores Molly and all that Molly can do. Watch the vids to witness Phoebe doing the splits, a Molly trait copied.

I have finished reading my book. As I said in an earlier post this one is not my normal read.
It was a good read though. Harrowing, but compelling. Once again a story of someone's life to learn and be inspired from.
It's title; Criminal by Caspar Walsh. I read it because it is another story of someone overcoming adversity, a quality I admire in others. The author writes about his life as a child and teenager born into a world of drugs, abuse and crime. Ick, I know, but the boy after finding himself addicted to several class A drugs and a destructive lifestyle (by the age of approx 12!!!!), turns his life around as a 20 year old. He rehabilitates and in turn teaches Creative Writing in UK prisons.
The book is not for the faint hearted. There is plenty of unhealthy behaviour, abuse of children and adults, the dramatic and painful experience of drug use and it's withdrawal. BUT, if you can get through those bits it is rewarding. It treats you to a human survival story, and I enjoyed his eventual success.
I've now run out of purchased books, I'm off to the library today, and so pleased to be back into reading. It's too hot up here at night anyway for sleeping!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome book Jazz, my kind of light reading lol :)
    I do love hearing and reading about people overcoming adversity, its so much harder for people like the guy you mentioned to go straight and fight to get their life on track, versus giving up and giving in as society would predict and encourage.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, you have darling kids, Fi sings their praises and you do a wonderful job:)


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