Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slapstick school holidays!!!!

Phoebe has starting entertaining us in a different form of late. She is now creating her own style of stand-up or maybe slap-stick is a better description. Falling over, especially on her bottom got her giggling and we discovered that if we cheered her on, she got more and more creative.

Personal achievement for the day......
I am hopeless when there are chores to be done or something in front of me to clean. I have this urge to do it, even when my kids are begging me to do something fun with them. I always feel great after the job is done but this is quickly followed by guilt at not playing with my kids.
So, today I left a sink full of dishes (YUK) and went to the beach. Molly, Phoebe and I lay in the warm sand for an hour. (Caitlin was swimming at a friend's house). It was lovely. I got crawled all over, shells put on me like a scrapbook, treated like a horse, sand stuck to the sunblock on my face and a BIG bunch of fun in the middle of it all.

Sometimes it really does pay to stop and smell the warm sand:-)

I'll leave you with another funny Phoebe moment from our day.

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  1. Lol a gorgeous video!!! That nappy must be great padding, ye hope :)


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