Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 of the New Year

Well, here I am nearing the end of a beautiful day here on the Hibiscus Coast. One of those days when it really is healthier to stay indoors especially with my french vanilla complexion.
(HA! Neapolitan more like it :-)
The girls played "shops and schools" inside for most of the day. Two activities dear to their hearts at such a tender age, bless 'em. personal challenge begins. What am I proud of today?

Firstly this morning I met up with an old school chum from TWENTY years ago. We had coffee and chatted for a good hour and half. It was so cool to see her and I am proud to say that I actually let her talk as well. ( Talking the ears of any living thing has been a skill of mine since about my second year at primary school, the first I think I was finding my feet lol)

Secondly, I unpacked two remaining boxes in the laundry to find some treasures. I had been putting these boxes off because they contain bits and bobs that I had to fuss over and make decisions. (Yes, another skill of mine is procrastination, of which I"m not as proud ;-)
I found a handful of dusty, family photos, my late mum's teddy bears, my brother's first roller skates and a pair of very tiny jeans from my pre baby days.
What an achievement. All items now have a home. I feel great for finding my treasures and between you and me I could almost do up those jeans. Although the fashion police would probably not recommend it.

A good day for me....................but also for Caitlin and Mark

Caitlin moved into the spare room and is now enjoying the sunny, airy feeling her new bedroom brings. Those of you who have come to stay with us will recognise the old spare room as her new room in the following photo. Her old room was nicknamed the 'Batcave".

Mark finished making a guinea pig cage today. His very first DIY project since living in the North.
I think he has done a great job, Caitlin and Molly are anticipating the guinea pigs and Phoebe just wanted to help her Daddy.
The following photos made me smile. I have photos of Caitlin at about a year old, then Molly six years later, being apprentices for their Daddies. It only seemed right to capture history repeating for the third time.
Okay Dad, here's your screws............

Two peas in a pod :-)

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  1. Well done:) love the hutch and the bedroom looks awesome:) Caitlin will love it!


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