Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good authors...taking my hat off to you.

I'm enjoying the last few weeks of the school holidays. We are really making the most of each day. I went to a friend's house today and let the kids have a good play with other children. Not unusual for most children's holidays, but when in a new place where you are still building relationships and finding friendships it was WONDERFUL!
My new friend also loves books, yay!! Another self confessed nerd like myself, another kindred spirit that is extremely happy to sneak off to bed early just to get in another pleased to have met you my new friend and thanks for a nice catch up :-)

No family pics today, the girls have been busy, getting their school stuff ready and spending most days on the beach. Loads of fun enjoying the last days of freedom from the classroom.
But.......we are going on a road trip up north of Wellsford on Friday to see two school mates from twenty years ago. Can't wait!

Books, books, books!!!
Girls, ladies, women, cougers that like to read. DID YOU KNOW....................there are fabulous short story collections written by women, for women, about things that amuse women (aka men lol). No, they are on a variety of topics and they are COOL. cool as a library book can be.
If you enjoy short stories, are often pushed for time or you're the type that with good intentions gets into bed and only makes it through two pages before your eyes are drooping then a short story collection is a brilliant idea.
The collection I found recently is called "Girls Night In" - all women writers and so far I love five out of the six I have read!
I am so pleased to have struck a couple of really good authors recently. It has certainly got me back into reading again and inspires me to write. I have always dreamed of writing a novel one day. Got a few preschool books and poems tucked away, but the novel just hasn't come to me yet. Well, plenty of life in me yet, I'll keep you posted on that one :-)

I have borrowed a book about becoming mother which I can't wait to I'm sneaking off now..................

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