Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Molly.......aka Johnny Cash!!!!

Today I tried to be creative, although the title"housewife at home" doesn't always lend itself to creativity. Here is what I managed though.

I made a cake, really yummy spicy banana. Which stuck to the cake pan so was turned into a yummy pudding to be eaten with ice cream. That's creative right??

I cooked a chicken, smothered in yummy Hoisen and garlic. That's sort of creative.

I got out the guitar and let the kids, without tuning it first, have a jam. What a giggle that was. Actually this might be the hour of the day I am most proud of. It really was fun sitting on the floor being folk singers and cracking up, us FOUR girls :-)

I "power sorted" the rest of all my family photos. Including some really old black and whites of many years back. They are now all ready to be put into albums and journalled etc.

.........and it rained today, finally after about two or three weeks of virtually none. Which is very unusual for this part of the world. Our water tank is looking healthy and proud.

Check out Molly's first composition. In the key of 'gee wizz' ??!!??

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