Saturday, January 16, 2010

Laugh like no one can hear you..........

I had a long, productive week. I must admit, I'm finding the school holidays in a new place a real challenge. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids' company but I've been hanging out for a chat with an adult all week. The poor checkout lady on Friday............ :-)

The weekend has been so much better and I have continued to make challenges for myself everyday as I promised myself in earlier posts.
I wrote a story, which was fun and helped Molly write some more letters. She is very motivated to be ready for school, cute girl.
I made Calzonis today, which was my first attempt. They are an Italian closed pizza. I even made the pizza dough from scratch, watching it rise over a few hours was great fun. I'm not eating them until tomorrow, but they smell soooooo good.
We ventured out to Wenderholm today, few minutes north of Waiwera Thermal Pools.
Wenderholm has the most amazing Pohutukawa trees all along the beach front and through the grassed picnic area. I love the shapes they make.
I sat on the warm sand for about two hours with Phoebe, the others swimming. Initially I felt lonely, needing a glass of wine, margarita or even my book (which I'm nearly through). A best friend or two would have been nice, or a family member to catch up with. Instead, I watched Phoebe push her toes into the sand and roll around on it. She must have enjoyed the warmth. If you can tolerate it getting into all sorts of places..............sand is lovely.
So, while I was dwelling on little melancholy, I heard in the distance the most infectious laugh. Some Maori guy, up to his waist in sea water was "belly laughing" with his family. It was the coolest sound I have heard for quite a while. The awesome thing was, he kept on laughing, the breeze carrying the sound easily across the beach. I couldn't get over how happy a sound it was and how much it made me smile. It got to the point when I found myself giggling aloud, although I was more reserved than him. The sight of me rolling about on warm sand laughing out loud could have caused members of the public to grab their cells and phone the local mental health division.

Once my family came bumbling up onto the dry sand wanting dry towels and cuddles I didn't notice that laugh again.

Thanks Mr Maori guy.............for your uninhibited and joyful made my day!!!

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