Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas comes early!!

Christmas came early for our little family here in Stanmore Bay. After our late night viewingof  the lights of Franklin Road in Auckland the girls were still able to bounce out of bed the following morning for their presents from Mum and Dad (that we really didn't want to take down to Canterbury with us). It was the typical, fabulous mayhem that presents under a Christmas tree bring. Made even more exciting because Phoebe is old enough now to feel the excitement for herself.

Here's Phoebe opening a new dolly, staring at her face...very cute.

Lucy found Phoebe's new chair during the night and claimed it before anyone else had a chance to protest.
New Christmas books and stories.........
Phoebe in her new chair, with new Christmas book. She has learnt a particularly silly new trick. Ask her to smile for the camera and she squints her eyes up..........hilarious!!!

Of course after playing with your toys all morning and finally getting dressed we sat down to roast lamb. It was odd with only us at the table, but we made do with each others company.

and the final aaaawwwwww moment..............
Yep, she's back in that chair again.

A fun day, which we finished off down on the beach. Which is another set of cool photos. I'll post them tomorrow for you!!!

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